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The last two weeks I spend on searching for new skis. But it's hard for me to decide because I live in Poland and the rentals here are very poor :) 99% are SL carvings. Going into detail…

My lucky numbers are 184cm(6’) 85kg naked (185lbs) and 32 years, very active (Trialbike’ing since 13 years). Till know had only one ski for the last decade K Elan Fusion PRO SX in 165cm and that is of course to short but at that time I had bought them I didn’t know it better. Except the lack of edge holding due to my weight I can control this ski very god, downhill with over 70kmh is not a big deal for me but stupid stuff like off track between trees with 66mm waist is a challenge ;). Last years I didn’t rode as much I want but since last year I want reactivate this sport, with at least on trip per year to the Alps an regular visits off my local spots.


My plan since last season was to buy a GS ski, something like I demoded at the last ski day, HEAD World cup Rebels i.Speed with 19m radius and i.Supershape Speed with 17m, both in 184cm. The conclusion was that 17m radius fits me better on all day skiing, then the track gets bumpy with mixed ice and lose snow, but that is not the perfect ski for that kind of conditions (moguls created from carried snow on ice).


So, finally get off GS and want to go in all mountain :) first of all because off bad conditions hear on tracks and I’m boring off riding only on tracks. I like to ride on groomed with high speed with long turns but also fast carving turns, but I if I see some off-track spots (in my terrain it would be between trees ore track sides) then I want ride them !


After reading all the forums and test and so on I finally picked up the Salomon XT850 because I “think” that the waist with 85mm is what I want and the xt850 fits my needing for versatility for “one ski in the garage” with some off-track capabilities.

The only problem is the length. Some says 184 with my weight will be fine. Taking into account on track performance, I 100% agree but off track, between trees? I don’t know, maybe 177cm will be better but would be on track on ice? This ski has only a small tail tip and the rocker is also not sooo huge IMO so maybe I should go for 177cm. I cant decide it because I can’t rent it and in one week will be in the ALPS so new skis is a must.

The other strong candidate was Volkl Kendo but finally the lack of off-piste opportunities her in my resorts (Czech Republic with up to 1400m mountains) I thing that the XT850 (in 184cm) would be a better option and maybe I buy later a used Volkl Mantra for “special” days? :)

The XT850 I can get for 465E and is about 200E cheaper, that’s why I thing to by now a new XT850 and later a used Mantra or something else with this waist for off track fun.

Thanks in advance


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