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All mountain advanced ski recommendation for a big guy

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I just moved to Washington State after living in the south for several years. I've been skiing on demo rentals so far and I'm trying to decide what to buy. I'm a big guy at 5'10 and 240 and I consider myself an advanced skiier (although I'm rusty right now). Right now I'm hanging around on the single diamonds but in the past I've lived in expert terrain and that's where I plan to be again by the end of this season. I also plan to start playing around off piste pretty soon.


Anyone who's skied the NW knows conditions vary like crazy. Some days have great pow and other days are pure ice. On the in between days there can be a lot of crud. I'm looking for an all mountain ski that I can grow with and that can handle a variety of conditions.


It's a lot for us big guys to ask for in a single ski, I know, but does anyone have any recommendations? I'm looking for some feedback so I can ask to demo some specific models at the local shops. Based off reviews I've been looking at the Blizzard Bonafide or the Rossignol Experience 88. Unfortunately I haven't found any rental places that have demos available for them. Turns out everybody else wants those too, and I don't want to buy before I try :)

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You could demo both (and many others) at Crystal:  http://crystalmountainresort.com/Lessons-and-Equipment/Mountain-Shop


The nice thing about demos at Crystal is that you can swap in and out all day at both the Mountain Shop at the base and the RDL center (rossi, Dynastar, Lang) at the top of the gondola.  So you can do your own demo day and hit all of your short list for $50.  Go mid-week and you'll have your pick of the litter. 

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I just got back from dealer demo days at Bachelor yesterday and got to try a bunch of skis that would likely fit the bill.  (I'm 5'11 and 215 and drive skis hard.  FWIW)  You have identified two of the top candidates for a one ski quiver at Crystal.  You should also look at the Nordica Hell & Back, Volkl Mantra and possibly the Dynastar Cham97 (I didn't care for the Cham myself but some guys love it.  That's why you try before you buy). If you want something a notch mellower than those look at an Atomic Alibi.  Each of the above has it's own feel/personality so within that group you should find something that fits just right.  Good luck

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@Lordthomas - Thanks for the suggestions, I'll add them to my list of skis to demo.


@LewyM - I was demoing at Crystal but I can only get up there on the weekends so it's too busy to get any recommendations from them. I tried to demo the Blizzard Bonafide and Rossignol Experience 88 a couple of weekends ago but they were out of both. Because of that I switched to demoing from Sturdevant's. I can't swap out during the day but their sales people have been really helpful with the selection. Last Saturday I tried the K2 Sideshow and it performed well enough, but unfortunately it was so icy that I couldn't really test its performance (except on ice, which it did well enough on...it felt like riding a bucking bronco even at medium speed but I think anything would have felt like that last weekend). I want to give it another shot during better conditions.


Sturdevant's also recommended the Salomon BBR so I'll give that a go this weekend. I see a lot of mixed reviews. People seem to either love or hate it so I guess I'll see which category I fall into.

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