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Skier's Edge review

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I just had my first real workout on my skier's edge, but to start from the beginning I actually to go back a few weeks.

I had ordered and received the edge back in February.

For those who don't know, you cane a bunch of money by ordering a factory second. That's a machine that has some cosmetic defect or perhaps was returned by another customer in the 30 day trial period. To tell you the truth, I don't know what makes my edge a second, but it damned sure saved me a bunch of money.

Specifically I got the All Mountain master model for $675 plus shipping.

I should mention that the all mountain master has adjustable foot pads and can actually be used as both a narrow stance "parallel carver" and a wide stance "all mountain master". You can also mount just one footpad for what they call the "black diamond" setting, where you just work out one leg at a time.

Anyway it went together pretty easy with the included tool.

I tried using it a number of times but i had a bit of a balance problem. I know the advertising shows a guy just happily pounding away on it using just the included "ski poles" but I have a sneaking suspicion that he's been doing this for a while.

I tried the poles, dining room chairs, etc...

Finally I just did what I should have done in the first place, called the company back and ordered what they call the "Assistant Coach Bar System" Fancy name for a bar that attaches to the skier's edge and gives you something to grab onto. It set me back another $149 but it was worth it.

Total cost now, with the Grab Rail for balance is $824 + $138 in shipping for a total of $962.

I most likely could have saved myself a good $40 in shipping by ordering both at the same time. Oh well, 20-20 hindsight and all that.

So this morning I got a chance to get my first good workout on the edge.

It's deceptive...
It doesn't really seem to be much of a workout, but then you step off the machine and notice you're breathing hard and you can feel the lactose in all sorts of different muscles that you weren't completely certain you had.

I need to adjust the tension settings upwards, as well as add the extra rollers that come with it. That's for either very advanced skiers or 230lb plus people.

I'll come back to this post in a week or so to give a progress report and let you know how it affects my strength over a period of time.

I'm also going to do what will likely be a last ski trip later this month and I'll let you know if I feel like there was any impact at all on my skiing, no matter how little, and if so, what it was.
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I have one too. I got it a few years ago, when my dad bought it off some guy that wasn't using his anymore. Here's what I think.


- Very good ski related aerobic workout

- Models the movements made in skiing very well and promotes good technique

- Good design, fairly easy to adjust, and very sturdy

- Targets key muscles used in skiing, as well as secondary stabilizing muscles that will promote good balance

- Could really help someone get the feeling af rythmical short radius.


- I find that the rebound when you hit the outside of each "turn" (when you're farthest away from the center) is sometimes harsh is you're really giving it

- I find that you get a small, weird feeling, amount of "impact" on your ankles that you're not used to in skiing because they are normal encased in your ski boots

- The novelty does wear off, and it can become "just another fitness machine". In other words, unless you're serious about working out, it's a lot of money gone down the tube.

Well I'll be honest, I don't use mine near as much as I should. It is a great machine, but like any other fitness machine, you've got to be committed for it to do you any benefit. It's great for the pre season, that's for sure, and helps calm your ski fever. Pretty fun to set up in front of the tv and watch ski videos while you work out!!

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nakona I bought one of the all mountain master setups in december.I was trying to buy one on ebay for about half what a new one cost.boy it seems most people don't do research on things they buy,350-400.00 should be a good price on a used one then add shipping at the time you could buy a series 4 like yours new for 645.00 preseason sale.people were paying 500-600.00 for used older machines not as versatile as yours.I bought a new one & love it I have my wife,two sons 5& 11 learning to ski plus three adult friends that used it & I can say it helped, we all started with the poles & set it in the wide carve stance & level 4 tension.the only problem is to get people to use light pressure on the poles & not just lean on them like a crutch.problem # 2 is getting them to keep their feet straight & in the center of the pads as this is very important if you want to develope good tecnique.everyone did well at those settings & as they got better we increased the tension,one thing I found sometimes you could decrease the tension & get more of a workout because the rebound was less & it took more effort to move the slide from one extreme to the other so we would raise & lower the tension.I only get to ski a few days a year thats why I like a mountain with night skiing-keystone colo.& I train for my trip,run, bike, workout ect & I can absolutly say this machine helped me improve my form & get ski legs quicker it normally takes 2-3 days & it took half that,more fun on my trip.the one thing people talk about the most to improve skiing is balance.I am a level 7-8 190# skier & did not have to use the poles on the skiers edge from the start & I used it every day for at least 30 minutes sometimes 2-3 times a day from dec.10th until our trip feb 1rst what I found was after going thru several changes,higher tension,moving the pads closer ect, in the end I could use it set at tension 11 & the pads in the powder mogul position with no poles & for about 30 minutes & by doing this you can chart your balance improvement.we will be using this year round to some degree mostly me.I am 43 & want to play like I am 28 & am willing to do the work it I would recomend one of these to anyone, there must be a reason the ski teams use them.happy skiing
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