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47 year old, 190 #, male, aggressive skier. I ski primarily out east on small hills in Ontario, small mountains in Vermont and Quebec. I presently have Rossignol Classic 80Tis as my regular hard pack ski and Blizzard Magnum 8.5 for the crud, powder and glades. Both are fast, powerful skis and fun. However, I have three young kids that I am skiing with now at various levels of skill. I spend a lot of time trying to keep my three year old under control and skiing backwards and slow with my older kids. I have been reading other posts and realized maybe a third set of skis for the days I ski primarily with the kids would be good. My older boy is considering going into the parks so I may go there to.
After reading many threads I still need some suggestions as to a good third ski. Twin-tip? Less beefy all-mountain? Something not necessarily expensive but versatile. I won't be going fast with these, just having fun with the kids. I have tried k2s..aftershock and Rictor..they seemed too soft for me although I was skiing them hard. Kastle MX 88 seemed like overkill...great ski though. I was thinking from info from other threads Salomon Rocker 2. Any help or thoughts?