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Hye guys, jsut recently i was out in sunshine village and i skied both the solomon pocket rocket in a 175, and the volant chubb in a 180.ability:highskool racer, pretty good. Conditions were everything, groomed, crud, powder, terrain park, tight trees. In every aspect of skiing the pocketrocket out performed the chubbed. It made hard responsive turns on the groomed where as the chubb felt like it has no edges and slid out form under constantly. It floated better in powder and chopped and skied thorugh crud better. it's quickness made it great for tigth trees and moguls, where the chubbs felt dead. ANd in the terrain park the pocket rockets were supurior to any ski ive ever been on. THe wide platofrm made for great landings, and it was also incredibly light compared to the heavy chubb. And the twin tip made it great. If your looking foran advanced ski thats good for big mountain, groomers and hitting those kickers, the pocket rocket is defiently a great ski for you. Hint, buy it in canada. Very cheap
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Last weekend I tested the Pocket Rocket(175) back-2-back with the Bandit XX(177). The mountain was nothing but heavy cut-up slush with fog and light rain. I'm an upper intermediate skier (on a good day) and these kinds of conditions normally have me running for the lodge. I had been wanting to try the XX because I'm looking for a new all-mountain ski and had heard good things about it. I took out the Rockets just because I happened to spot it in the racks. Now I'm sure the XX is a great ski, but in the heavy slush the Pocket Rocket made the Bandit look sick. The XX took a lot of work to handle. It hung up in the slush all over the place. The PR was fun from the start. It's greater width and softer flex made skiing the wet stuff a total blast. If the PR works as well on the groomed as it does in the slush, it's definitely the next ski for me.
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