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Require Input on Upcoming NY vs. Vermont Ski Trip

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I'd love to get some feedback from the knowledgable and much more experienced folks on here regarding an upcoming trip.


My GF has to go to Orlando the week after next and I'm thinking of giving myself a birthday present and doing a solo 3-day mid-week ski trip while she's away.


I'll be driving from Long Island and unfortunately money is a bit of a factor right now.


First, my experience.  Been skiing for about 5 years and I consider myself a decent skiier.  Sometimes I feel like an expert and then at times I become humbled into feeling like an advancing intermediate.  I'll ski most blacks fairly agressively and will ski a lot of double-blacks cautiously (using most of the hill instead of the fall line).  I can make my way through bumps (thought not too elegantly) as long as they are kind of soft; when they get too icey I have some problems.


Most of my skiing has been mid-week and some weekend day trips to sigh, Mountaincreek and Camelback.  I've also spent a lot of days at Hunter and Windham.  I spent the last weekend at Windham right after the big dump and did pretty well on one of my only powder days.  Didn't have much problems with powder bumps.  This is all to say that I don't have much on my resume resort-wise and I'm wondering if that will make me easily impressed (though I'm bored out of my mind at MtCreek and CamBac, even sort of at Windham).


Second, my considerations.  I'm considering Whiteface and/or Gore or perhaps Sugarbush/MRG.  I've done some research on lodging and lifts as well as looked at a lot of threads on this site re: both areas.  Seems to me I can get away really cheap at Gore mid-week and still pretty cheap at Whiteface.  I'm wondering just how much more money and time it would be at SB/MRG and if it's worth it.  I don't care about nightlife as this trip is about good skiing for a good value.  My nights will be spent with the hotel TV and the bottle of scotch I bring along.


One of the things I'm looking forward to is trying some glade skiing.  I've read that Gore has some really nice glades and I'm wondering if that will be enough to keep me occupied for a 3-day trip as I've also read that Gore can get pretty flat in areas.


I guess my basic question is, based on my experience, will Gore satisfy me or should I do Whiteface (or WF and Gore), or just go ahead to Vermont.  Probably arriving on Sunday, 2/24 and staying till 2/27.


Lastly, can you tell me which glades at all of these mtns I should start with and some I should avoid?  I'm not looking for anyone's private stashes just some good areas to get me started and somewhat challenged.


Got all this new gear and wanna put it to use!


Thanks in advance.

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Personally, I prefer Sugarbush and MRG to Gore and Whiteface.  That said, I really like skiing Gore and it is an easier drove from LI.  Gore should keep you occupied for 2 days and you can spend a day up at Whiteface. At Gore, I would start with Chattiemac Glade and work my way up to The Cirque Glade.


If I were you though I would keep an eye on the weather and go to whichever region gets the most snow...more snow obviously = better conditions.  Most of the time that means VT>NY. 

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I realize the dates are one week off, but there's the upcoming Northern Vermont Gathering in early March.  If there's any way to delay your birthday present, we can give you some first-hand local knowledge of what's good at Sugarbush, MRG and Stowe.

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Good point on the weather for the two areas. I probably won't book till mid to late next week.


I may be able to delay it if my schedule permits.  If I do, I'll be sure to ask about the VT mts.

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Right now MRG seems pretty scratchy.  Temps the next 10 days don't seem like they'll crack the freezing point more than a day or so.  Unless a bunch of natural snow happens, stick to areas than are still cranking the snow guns.

Pretty much anywhere is Vermont will be better than Camelback and Mountaincreek. 

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The next 10 days for Gore and Whiteface are similar.  If the models are correct, are you suggesting to avoid those places because it will be too icey?


Or are you suggesting Southern VT like Okemo?

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just wait and see.  It could go either way and you are more likely to get good conditions by going farther north.  Southern VT areas like Okemo may be best if the weather craps out and you need good grooming.  I have seen forecasts that call for cold and some snow in the next week or so.  One thing is for certain here in the northeast and that is nothing is for certain when it comes to the weather.

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No major dumps expected.  New York is cheaper and less pretentious, but Vermont often has slightly better conditions.  

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Sugarbush is a big jump from Mountain Creek. 


For midweek skiing, St Snow would be very quiet. You should be able to find some decent deals there that matches the New York price. Not saying it's better than Gore/WF. Just another option if the weather turns out to favor southern VT. 

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