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Putting together my own test line-up

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I'm putting together my very own ski test here in Europe and I was wondering if I'm doing this right.


I'm a solid level 7 skier (I ski 10-20 days a year, I now have about 10 weeks experience), male, 6' (1,82 m), 185 lbs (85 kg) and I enjoy medium to long carving turns on the groomers, but want to be able to hit some bumps and crud at the end of the day and do some shorter turns on icy steeps. The powder and tree runs are on my wish list, but not deep powder (knee-high at most) and not too often (no more than 20% of the time).


Right now I ski the 2011 Blizzard G-force Supersonic IQ @ 167, but I find it quite nervous at speed (especially when it's flat on the snow) and the turn radius is a bit short for my taste. When I bought them 2 years ago, I weighed 20 lbs less and only had 4 weeks experience, so they were great at the time for advancing quickly.


So I am looking for one ski that does all: needs to be an excellent carver on groomers, has solid grip on harder pistes, doesn't punish me in the bumps, have some float on fresh snow and gives me something back when I go fast. 


I was thinking this:


- Salomon Enduro XT800 (to experience the softer flex, non-metal almountain-frontside ski - or to rule them out)

- Rossignol Experience 88 (my favourite, based on reviews, videos and discussions)

- Blizzard Magnum 8.5 TI (not unlike the E88, but with metal and probably a bit more of a handfull)

- Blizzard Buswacker (a more sidecountry-oriented ski, as opposed to the E88 and the 8.5)

- Bliazzard Brahma (the Bushwacker with metal)


Even though I won't be spending much time in the sidecountry, I include the Bushwacker and Brahma to rule out that kind of sidecountry bias ski. But if I do like it, also at speedy long carving turns on-piste, I want to give the Bonafide a try. Not because of the 98mm (which seems ridiculously wide for my intended use), but simply because of the more 'cambery' profile.


What are all your thoughts on this demo set-up of mine? Do I need to rethink it totally, or should I include anything else (the Völkl Kendo, or the Nordica Steadfast perhaps)?


Thanks for your comments.

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A have to add one more requirement: the ski has to be able to maneuver in tight spaces (i.e. crowded narrow European pistes, connecting paths between the main groomers, etc.). 



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Add the Elan 888 and Nordica Steadfast to your list. They are similar to the E88.
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