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Tetons Backcountry

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Howdy, I'm in my first week of six staying in the Jackson area.  I'm out here primarily to get more into backcountry skiing and gain some knowledge and confidence.  Can anyone recommend places to go?  I've seen lots of people parking along teton pass.  

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That's a good place to start.  


I'm assuming that you have some gear, training, and experience to safely do some BC?  You will also need some ski partners to watch your back.  They shouldn't be too hard to find if you yourself are a good partner.

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Yes, I have all the gear.  I took my Avy Level 1 class last year in the Cascades and have toured a few times, CO, Norway.  I'm an expert skier at the resort but I'm conservative in the bc.  I'm just looking to gain some experience and meet some folks to ski with.  

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