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I ski Solitude on a fairly regular basis, lately my son talked me into picking up one of those silly Go-pros.  As long as I have the thing I thought I may as well use it.


What follows will be what comes out of the thing on whatever the weekend dishes out.  We're still experimenting with the getting and getting out of the video, but I hope it improves as we go along.


Here are a couple of runs from the last few weekends:

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It's fun to document what you skied from time to time.


My son has ours mounted on his pole and it makes for some interesting shots.

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A couple more videos.  The first is my 15 year old son in the Black Forest and Queen Bess on a six inch day (Colorado Blizzard! ;))


The second is last Monday in the Black Forest on a dust on crust day.  It got warm the few days before, skied out and rutted up, then froze when 2 inches fell.  It was a pretty harsh skiing day.


I used Microsoft movie maker to make the first video, there is a skip that happens in the footage that wasn't there in the raw footage, not sure why?

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Most visitors to Utah frequent the Park City areas or the Little Cottonwood Canyon, those of us that frequent Solitude like it that way...


Another fun weekend at Solitude:

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I watched the last video.  Nice snow!  Is that the far side of Honeycomb?  It's been a couple years since I've been there.


I'll have to go back and watched the older vids now.

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Yup, that's Crystal Point,all the way out skiers left from the top in Honeycomb.  It's a bit of a hoof out there but usually worth the sidestep.

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Booya. Sweet turns. Soli is pretty sweet. There are still a couple of Fantasy lines I want to ski... maybe next year. 

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Yesterday was pretty nice, Solitude received at least 10 inches of snow.  Here's a video with a little Scree Slope and a little Black Forest.


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Nice vids!  Thanks for sharing.

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