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Atomic Alibi

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Hello, I am new to this site and think this is an awesome way to communicate with other skiers. I’m 36-years old, 5'-11.5”, 170 lbs and mainly ski near South Lake Tahoe. I’ve been on skis since my early teens but didn’t ski the past six years due to having two boys that are now age three and six. My wife and I decided to get season passes to Sierra at Tahoe this season and introduce the kids to what we all love to do.

My last season was the 2005/2006 season and therefore I am still riding the 02/03 Atomic Stomps 176cm (118-88-108). I got in a personal record of 28-days that year before having kids. Before having these skis, I was skiing the skinny stick skis. The Atomic Stomps changed my life and have allowed me to learn how to ski anywhere and everywhere on the mountain. My skiing ability is at the expert level and I prefer to ski off-piste in the trees looking for powder. I find groomed runs boring and unchallenging, but fun when your skiing with others. I prefer to challenge myself rather than cruse the groomed.

The 176cm Atomic Stomps used to feel perfect, but now feel too short at times. I think this is because I have learned how to initiate turns better and have become a better skier. I have enjoyed the Atomic Stomps so much that I just purchased the same ski in 186cm. I have not skied the longer 186cm yet but I think I should be able to handle the extra 10cm no problem. I will get to try them out this weekend! Anybody else have a pair of original Atomic Stomps? I might be the only one.

Although I love my Atomic Stomps, I think I would benefit from a ski with a little more width so I can float a little higher above the snow. Being an Atomic fan, I did some research and decided to purchase the 2012/2013 Atomic Alibi in 187cm, even with the mixed reviews that it has received. I just bought a slightly used demo pair off of ebay for $279 from a shop in Utah (ebayer: gotyourgear). Some of you guys probably know the guy. I should be receiving them next week.

After reading many ski reviews, I think skiing ability, or lack thereof, often enters into a ski’s review.

Who else is riding the Atomic Alibi and would like to share their opinion? I think the skis will more than suit my needs. I will report back with my review after I try them out. Given my size and ability, do you guys think that I will be able to handle the 186/187cm skis or should I stay with the shorter 176/180cm skis? I’ve already kind of made that decision, but curious about what others think or have experienced. I can’t wait to confirm my thoughts this Saturday.

Thanks for any input.
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Go turn'm loose and find out.  Alibi didn't strike me as a real man eater compared to most.  Kinda middle of the pack.  I think you'll be fine.

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The longer 186cm Atomic Stomps were awesome. Much more stable and faster than the 176cm. I had no problem adjusting to the longer length.

My Atomic Alibi skis arrive today. Hopefully there will be some fresh snow this weekend so I can try them out.
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