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A while back I started skiing regularly again after a number of years away.  I did a little research and based on my past experience made a purchase.  It was a pair of demo skis with limited miles on them.  I bought a pair of Salomon Sentinels in a 184.  They have been really good to me.  I wish I had the bigger size but that is really the only thing I would change about them.  I ski a lot in the Tahoe area and sadly spend most time skiing a lot of groomers.  We get off Piste a bit but not a ton.  I ski the steeps and all over the mountain.  I spend less time in the bumps then I did when I was younger.  I am starting to look for a new set of skis and was hoping for some advice from people in the know.  I will spend about 20-30 days on next year.  I don't get the powder days like I use too ( darn day job).  I like to ski fast and want a ski that will handle that.  Back in the day I spent a lot of time of GS skis like the old Rossignol 4 and 7G's.  I have owned lots of skis over the years.  I am not stuck on any brand either.  I want to hear about anything that might work.  Oh and if it matters I am bigger than the average bear.  I am 6'8" and weigh 265 lbs.  Any input or advice is appreciated.  If you have an opinion about new bindings I am open to it too.  I was always a Salomon guy back in the day but am not stuck on them either.