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first time ski buyer needs advice

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hello all


i've been skiing since i was young but never owned my own skis.  having recently relocated to colorado, i've been renting/demoing various skis to try and find something that i like.  so far i've skied the following:


  • volkl mantra
  • k2 hardside
  • nordica enforcer


i'm looking for suggestions on what else to try in a similar style.  of the three i liked the enforcer the best, but want to make sure i don't miss out.  


reading most of the posts, ski type and my specs seem to help decisions as well so here's mine.  i'm tend to split my time between the groomers (skiing with my wife) and the more advanced trails.  so i want something that's fairly versatile.  i'm 6'2, 210.  as i said i live in colorado (denver area) so it's those typical locations.


thanks in advance for the help.

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Have you considered the Rossignol Experience 88/98, any of Blizzard's Flipcore skis, Line Prophet or Influence models?  There are a ton more skis to consider in the western one-ski-quiver category.  Perhaps tell us what you liked and didn't like about the three that you tried.

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at this point i'm considering anything/everything.  here's a breakdown on my thoughts.


  • volkl mantra - felt solid and cut through the crud, but felt sluggish when turning
  • k2 hardside - turned well, but didn't seem to hold the edge on certain surfaces as well as the other two
  • nordica enforcer - felt the most nimble and held edges well



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Welcome to EpicSki.  If you don't already have boots that actually fit your feet, please read this http://www.epicski.com/a/ski-boots-the-most-important-piece-of-gear-you-will-own 

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X2 for boots, they are the most important part. Find a good boot fitter and let him spend some time with you.


My boot fitter spent over 2 hours with my GF and her boots were under $300.


I can't say it enough, find a good boot fitter, then stick with him/her.

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i've got boots.  went to a boot fitter and am VERY happy with them.  next step is the skis.

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I would try to hit a demo day- the skis you have skied so far are fairly disparate from each other, and if you had fallen in love with one, you wouldn't be posting in this thread, so...


Blizzard Bonafides are very popular. Salomon Shoguns were buzzy a few years back. Its worth trying a softer ski like the K2 Kung Fujas or Sideseth, you may be surpised and find you like it.

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