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How long skis last

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Anybody out there know how long good skis should last before they lose that new ski feel? That's assuming good maintainence. How soon does tortional rigidity start to fade away or do other thing go first? That's skiingĀ 40-80 days a season on all-mountain type skis.

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I don't have your answer, but would think it has a lot to do with the core material. Wood can be resilient , particularly when glued (like most wood cores). Carbon fiber isn't going to ever change. Some other synthetic cores won't change much, either. I still have an old pair of Stockli Spirit Pros that I used when my kids started skiing, and recently skied a day with them. They still feel "new" and have a synthetic core with titinal (aluminum).

I collect and play with hickory golf clubs and occasionally need to replace a shaft. I always look for an older good shaft before a new one for several reasons...and these shafts were all made before 1928! The old wood was prone to warpage if not stored flat, but that should not happen in a ski because of the way the strips of wood are glued together, and the type of wood used.
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