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Stockli SC

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Make: Stockli
Model: SC
Length: 168
Snow conditions: Icy cord & some Packed Pow
Days: 6
Ability: 7/8
Years: 35 skiing
Other: Volkl P-40 F-1, P-40 SL,
Stockli AXC
Hgt/Wght: 5'9", 160 pounds ..... age 53

Comments: Quiet, smooth and fast. In the 168 this is a do-it-all type of ski. Stay over it edge to edge and short radius is easy. Let it run and GS sweepers are a joy. This is the refined cousin of the AXC. Stockli is making the right decision to bring this ski back for another year.
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Would anyone who has this info share it: The dimensions and flex of that Stockli, and how it might relate to, say, the Salomon Crossmax Pilot 10 or similar ski? To demo a Stockli is not easy - there aren't that many to be found.
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6 ft., 210 pounds, and you liked the 168?! [sigh] At 5 ft. 8 in. and 145 pounds, this does NOT appear to bethe ski forme, in ANY size!
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Oboe: You and I are about the same in age, weight etc. & I never felt intimidated by these.
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