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Yes, I am an IDIOT!!!

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So I just got back from Whistler where I skied some of the most challenging terrain of my skiing career.  I arrive back home totally unscathed in spite of the perilous runs I skied.  Then last night while stumbling in the dark in my bedroom, I smack my foot against our new King sized bed (upgraded from a queen) and break my pinky toe!!!


Fortunately all they do for broken pinky toes is to tape it to its next door neighbor.  So no cast, just a very sore and swollen pinky toe.  Right now it won't fit in a ski boot with out pain, but hopefully it will heal enough for me to make the Blue Knob Gathering in two weekends.


Flame on!


Rick G

aka King of the Idiots

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A few years ago, I stubbed my toe and I'm sure I broke it.  That toe to this day doesn't look "right".  I was back in a ski boot within a week.


Like you said, they don't do anything for it anyway other then tape it to its neighbor and tell you to take some ibuprofen.


You'll be fine for the gathering.

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Just make sure you tell everyone you broke it landing a back flip.

Heal up quickly!
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I've broken both pinky toes. Should be skiable in two weeks. I did mine at my grandparents house almost a year to the day apart. First time walking out to get my shoes I kicked a door and broke the toe. Second time the cat moved as I was walking out of the room, stepped on the cat and in trying to avoid it kicked the wall with the other foot. Painful--yes, but after two weeks you should be able to ski without too much discomfort I would think. 

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Broke my pinky toe surfing a couple years ago.  I went back out afterwards and it didn't ruin the rest of the vacation.  Pretty sure I wouldn't have wanted to eek.gif smash my foot in to a ski boot for about a month afterwards though.  Once inside the boot I could probably ski easy stuff, but no bumps or airs.  I wore some lace up steel toe work boots with ample toe room while it was healing. 

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Thanks for the comforting words.  I would hate for my ski season to end on a pinky toe.  How embarrassing!


Rick G

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Ah, welcome to the club.  I stubbed my pinkie toe on the lane dividers in the pool a year ago.  it still hurts sometimes in a ski boot at random times.  While it was healing I just taped it to the next one, and I was fine.  I have an impression that a tight ski boot may be better for that than a roomy boot. 

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I hyper extended my Gastrocnemius and was laid up for 2 weeks at the house. The wife worked me like a red headed step child doing home improvement. Finally I told her I was going skiing. She says. "You can't even walk."  I said..................

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I remember several years ago I was up at Sugarloaf in Maine and I boarded the chairlift with a guy who had a sneaker on his left foot and a ski boot + ski on his right foot.


I forget how I initially inquired about his footwear selection -- "forget something?".  Turned out he had some surgery on this left foot and had asked his doctor "when can I go skiing again?".  His doctor apparently responded with "You're not skiing on that foot again this season".  So he wasn't.  icon14.gif


I suggested that his doctor probably meant that he wasn't supposed to ski on the other foot either, and he did agree with my assessment, but he "decided to not seek clarification".


I did wind up following him off the chairlift.  He could flat out ski on the one foot.  I was in awe.

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Bummer Rick!


Hope the damm thing heals quickly - worst case scenario, one good wrap of Duct Tape should allow you to slide your foot in the boot ... eek.gif


Hey I can now also join your new 'Dryland Gaper' CLub.

The Ski Club Mammoth trip of 2.5 wks back - well I can ski most anything - but don't trust me on dry land.

The Sierra Nevada Lodge just retiled the Hot-tub and tiles on the entry steps are slicker than SNOT! mad.gif

I took one step on them and my leg went out from under me - folded under, and my right shin raked the front edge of the next tile step.

Took a 5 inch gouge out of the shin, from just below the knee  to just at the boottop - OUCH!

Needless to say the next 2 days of skiing were not the most glorious...

Thankfully it wasn;t down to that Boottop strap location, so I could ski somewhat, even though the leg was swollen.
Lastest sortie to Mammoth, this past wkend, things seem back to normal, even though it still needs some healing time...


I'm stayin outta hottubs from now on !!!!


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Try a lot of Vitamin I to reduce the swelling? Obviously won't help heal the bone any quicker, but may make it a bit more comfortable in 1.5 weeks to put a ski boot on.


Hope you recover fast. If you do make it to Blue Knob, stay away from Old Boot. Injuries seem to congregate to/near him. wink.gif

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It's time for some sloppy rental boots so you can see how the other half live.

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