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SLC - 12-16 February

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Had to go to SFO for a business trip, so decided to stop in SLC to get a few days in.


Went to DV yesterday due to friends wanting to use the Quick Start Pass there. Found a very nasty little problem - the friends had come in from Hawaii, and they boarded the night before, sooo, no Quick Start eligibility. Pretty shabby DV! They blamed it on the Chamber of Commerce rules, but (just a little) common sense would have overruled that.


So, today was The Crayons. Beautiful blue sky. Not much snow.



OK, well let's wait until we get up higher. Well, this is almost how far up you get on Dreamscape, and:



Yikes, lets go over to Iron Mountain and see what's up. Well, this is up:



Oh my. Sure glad I won't be here next week when the great swarming hordes of great unwashed tourons show up for the President's week clusterf^*$.


Man this place needs LOTS more snow.


Over to da bird tomorrow to see how that's doing.

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Been there with the coming from Hawaii night before. They refuse to budge. A friend of mine tried again a couple of weeks ago. Still no success.

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Yep we could use some snow. January and February so far not good on the snow totals. The Iron Mountain run you show is low altitude and south facing.  It always has problems with snow, as does the whole Iron Mountain area due to low altitude and very rocky terrain. 


Cottonwoods are better but also behind on snow totals.

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