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Getting fitted for boots next tuesday

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Going to ski center in DC.  This is basically my first season skiing, and my first real ski gear purchase.  Is there anything I should know about what I'm looking for before walking in?  Obviously the fitter will make sure the boot fits properly but is there anything I should be able to tell him about the type of boot I want/need?

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have you read the wiki at the top of this page?

that will answer most of what you need to know


boots SHOULD be tight, but not painful

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Wiki?  I read the fag/terms and glossary if that's what you are referring to.


I guess I just want to know if I need to be prepared to answer any questions or if the boot fitter will just know and take care of everything.  Oh, and should I bring my own pair of ski socks?

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bring your own socks, and a REALLY thin pair,   bring any footbeds that you use, or like


dont go in with ideas of what will, or wont fit you.   see what fits.

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Well I own a new pair of boots (and "conformable" footbeds).  Lange RX110 in 25.5 (my first pair of rentals were 28.5, after which I moved to 27.5).  The right boot feels great.  In the store, the left felt uncomfortably tight in the forefoot, but he didn't want to adjust the shell until I wore the boots for several hours and "broke in" the liner to see if it went away.  What I didn't notice in the store is that the bend at my left ankle (between the lower vertical buckle and the top horizontal buckle) is also uncomfortable/painful after wearing them for a long time (30+minutes).  Also appears to be the case with the right, but nowhere near as bad.  The toes on my left foot also seem to get a little numb after extended periods.  I believe I've done my best to make sure I'm not overtightening, and I don't think it is the case.  I haven't gotten to ski in them yet, but the next time I'm skiing will be a 5 day trip to Canada in 2 weeks and I really want to get them locked in before that.


I've worn them around my house for probably 10 hours at this point, should I go ahead and take them in to get adjusted?


Oh, and thanks for the help :D

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can you call the store that you bought htem from and ask them?

if you are coming to banff, and need work, stop by the store.

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I can but I'd just as soon drive, it is only 25 minutes.  I guess I just want to know what the problem is/how easy of a fix it is before going.  And also if I should allow additional time to pack out the liners.  I'm going to Mont Tremblant.  Thanks again, you've been helpful.

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