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WTB: i-Box race plate

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WTB: i-Box race plate to mount PX14 Racing bindings.


Thank you and cheers,



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I have a pair of used up Dynastar Speed Courses that I could take the plates off off (skis are going towards a ski bench anyways). Have no idea what they's be worth th_dunno-1[1].gif or the shipping from Ottawa, Canada to you.

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Thank you ZG! Would USD50 do for them? Also, could you please check on the shipping cost? My zipcode is 94526.

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I guess that'd work. I don't know if I can get them shipped quote before next week though, I am leaving for the weekend and probably won't have time to get them off the skis and over to the post office. From the website shipping should be ~$25. Paypal is OK and you would cover the fee.




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Thanks ZG! Works for me. PM with details sent. Please do not forget to include all associated HW - screws, and, especially, screw-in nuts that go into the ski,





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