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Atomic SL:11

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Ski Make: Atomic
Ski Model: SL:11
Ski Length: 157
Snow Conditions Used In: Refrozen groom, slush, race courses
Number of Days Used: 2
Your Ability: 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:
Other Skis You Like: G31, Viper 10.2, G4, rossi and volkl race skis
Your Height/Weight: 5-11, 170
I have been putting off this review because
I have only used them in horrible snow
conditions. I will post another update
when the snow gets colder. I started off
in the morning on refrozen groomers with
chunks of ice scattered everywhere. Not
the best place to transition to a short
ski. The ski deflected everywhere but I'm
sure my G31s would have had problems too.
No problem with the short length in terms
of stability or fore-aft balance. During
the ten minutes when the snow went from
ice to slush, these were beautiful.
Trained in slalom gates when the snow
softened a bit. The course was not too
challenging - not rutted or too steep.
These skis shined here. So easy to take
a tight line. No problem keeping up with
them. Stable, not squirrly. Great grip
on smooth snow. Afterwards, steep bump
runs and chutes. The snow was slushy so
no problem at all.
Racing the next day was quite a challenge.
Steep and icy, deep ruts and chatter
marks. Can't scrub speed with these, they
just grab and accelerate when I try to throw
them to the side. I tried to let 'em run,
but too much speed for the ruts (and a
level 8 skier). I hit a rut and before I
knew it, the skis went out in front of me
and over my head, I nearly completed a back
flip. I guess that is what a fore-aft
balance problem is.
In summary: No problem when the snow is
smooth. For racing, a skier of my ability
can get into trouble, there just isn't
much opportunity for recovery, not for
skidding to scub speed. I will withhold
my overall opinion until I get to test in
less challenging snow conditions.
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I skied these a Snowmass on Wed and LOVED them!!! I'm 6' 190 (getting fatter by the second!!), level 7 or so and skiied them on the blue groomers in a 157. They're heavy for something so small and you can feel the power but I had no problem crusing the slopes skidding and skarving as needed but when I jumped on them they carved like nothing else and sent my spring form turn to turn like a carnival ride! Fun Fun Fun!!!

I also found them less tiring to ski than a midfat since I wasn't constantly trying to force it to make my preferred short turns. just tip it and it turns SHARP (I almost went over the front a few times)but it'll also go long too.

Also they made me a better skier since I knew i couldn't get back so I was practically hanging out the frnt of my boots at times, but even when i got back a bit i recovered. I'm definently getting soem SL-9 (lighter)for next year and am kicking myself for not getting them this year. A great ski for us frontside carvers.
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