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Coach me up

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Posted this in instruction and coaching but though I would try here.  Had this video taken yesterday.  Need some coaching.  Second half is Slo mo and is easier to watch.

Embedder did not seem to want to work.

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The main things I can see it that you could gain a small bit on top by getting much much closer to the first one or two gates.  Another thing is that you could try to get a bit earlier in some of your turns(you can see it in the video)because it looks as though you are spraying some snow(aka not carving)through the bottom of some turns.  Other than that, just trying to get cleaner and closer is what we are all striving for I guess.

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there's a lot going on, but aside from the start (tough to be that far back out of the gate), you're pushing off your downhill ski. Because you're CoM is too far back and inside, each 'push' into your outside ski and 'up' move into your new turn is only applying the brakes when you want to be tipping the skis downhill while moving your CoM over your skis and down the fall line. Think 'soft' and 'deflate' your legs and ride as flat a ski as you can manage in transition. There's more like the tighter line mentioned above, but that's what jumps out the most. 


These turns are at a much higher rate, but look at what's happening with her CoM (Center of Mass) as her skis flatten in transition:

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A few things here:


1. Out of the start, on such a flat pitch, you should be poling a skating to the first gate, trying to gain speed where you can. Your opponent does this (albeit in a slightly flailing manner), but he gains a ton of speed on you. Your tucking doesn't do much at a lower speed, and may cost you in terms of carving a clean turn.


2. Carving a clean turn (or doing a clean carve into a skating step out of the first turn) will gain you more speed than the tuck.


3. Speaking of your tuck turns: they may be costing you speed all along the course. At the end of every tuck turn, I see your tails wash out slightly, which costs you speed (as Daron Rahlves says, "it's all about the hundies"). The turns that you do in an open, racing stance have a cleaner initiation and finish.


4. That said, I don't see the tip of your ski being used to its best effect. A lot of your turning action is from the midpoint of the ski back - in effect, you are only really using the ski from immediately in front of the toepiece, through to the tail. Occasionally, when you turn in an open, GS stance, you use the front half of your ski to initiate the turn, and those turns are markedly faster and cleaner. Even in a tuck, it's important to use the entire length of the ski as you turn.


Overall, the skiing is quite decent, but you are giving away time hand-over-fist due to the little things I note.


Gotta say, though: I love that people dig ski racing! :)

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