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Atomic 10.EX or 11.20?

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I currently own the Atomic 9.18 and would like to upgrade to either the 10.EX or the 11.20. I do stay on the grooms about 65% of the times but venture off-piste the rest of the times. I'm leaning towards the 11.20 just because its not as fat at the waist so I would asume it carves better. Any thougths?
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10.EX carves great; on rails and very stable. However, it has a 25m turning radius and, thus, naturally wants to take a longer, faster path when carving. You can tighten the turn but it takes more effort / concentration to complete a smaller arc without too much sliding / scrubbing. This only bothers me on crusty, scrapped off groomers when I'm not in the mood (given crowds, fatigue, etc.) to let 'er rip.

Compared to my prior X-Scream Series, the 10.EX don't give away anything on groomers. However, I strongly prefer the 10.EX in cut-up powder and other conditions in bowls & chutes. It is also more stable when making fast GS turns over ruts (i.e. on the flatter section approaching a bump run or skiing a lightly-powdered groomer at the end of the busy day).

With respect to my minor complaint about smaller carved turns on hardpack, I fixed that issue by also buying last year's 9.20 Race Carvers which I'll use next time I ski in the east.

Overall, the 11.20 is probably the better compromise. I was just tired of the mid-fat compromise and the 10.EX appeared to redefine the fat ski category. So far after a trip to Park City and Jackson, I am pleased with my decision to go with the 10.EX.
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10. EX, nuff said
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10.EX would be a lot of ski to drag around on the groomers for 65% of the time. 11.20 would probably be a better fit for you. If your ratio was 30/70, I would go with 10.EX.

Ops, missed the point about second carving pair that you have. In that case go with EX. I spent 4 days at the Loaf and SR since I got mine and did not even think about going back to Bandit X that I have. Awesome ski.

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buy the ex.
just buy it shorter than you would the 1120
the pay off when you are off piste is WELL worth it.
the ex performs well in everything but solid bumps.
plus you have the 9.18 for solely groomer days, but I bet they rarely leave the closet when you mount up the exs.
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I think that you can go either way, but since you are coming from a carver with a 63-mm waist, the jump to a 84-mm waist on the EX could be a bit much at first. I ski the EX in a 191 and have to agree with bigharvey said about it. It prefers to turn BIG. I love it for that reason. However, compared to a very easy turning ski like the 9.18, the EX could feel like a monster.

I see that you reside somewhere in CA. North or South? If you can get the goods in Tahoe often, then the EX might be the way to go. If you have to travel from LA to Mammoth like me, the story would be different. I say go with the 11.20. It will rip the groomers and pound the CA crud. However, in a perfect world, I would get both! I have my K2 AXP's for the harder days, and the EX's for the dumps. Either way, both Atomics rip.

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Seli , you should be ok on the 11.20 in a 160cm if your reasonably aggresive . If your questioning the ability of that ski don't , it's got alot to it.
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Seli- If you are going from straight skis and old technique to 160cm 11.20's, yes there will be a huge difference and learning curve. How long were your old skis? The change will not happen in a day, it will take a whole season, but you will be fine on that ski. You will love it. Take some lessons, give it a chance. I am 5'8" and 170lbs and have the 11.20 in a 170.

Edit....On second thought, the 11.20 is a mighty stiff ski. With your light weight, the 10.20 might suit you better. How do you ski? What type or terrain do you frequent? What level are you? Can you carve, I mean REALLY carve? I give it some serious thought.

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I'm skiing for 17 years in Greece's Ski Resorts, on expert level but not racing, height 173cm (5'8'') and weight 67kilos (148 lbs). I really need an opinion on the length of Atomic Beta Ride 11.20 because I' ve already bought 160 (The length of the spesific skis is between the range 160-190). I've used the spesific ski length once and I'm not sure if this is the right length for me. The salesman insisted that the 160 cm length was the right one for me, but the pair was the last he had and I'm not sure of his intention. My former skis were of old technology and I'm used to ski old style. When I tried the 11.20 seemed really good but difficult to get used to them. Was that because they are short or could it just be my old-way skiing?

I need an answer in order to keep them or return them to the shop.
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