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Head SuperCross Ti

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Ski Make: Head
Ski Model: SuperCross Ti
Ski Length: 170 (180 not available)
Snow Conditions Used In: Pow, Crud, Easy Bumps, Hard Pack
Number of Days Used: 3
Your Ability: Advanced
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 11
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 25-30
Other Skis You Like: Rossi T-Power Viper, Head WorldCup Ti SL, Salomon AxeCleaver Series, Rossi Viper X 9.9
Your Height/Weight: 5'7"/ 165 lbs

In Fernie I had a chance to demo the K2 Axis X, Head WorldCup Ti SL and the Head SuperCross Ti. The SuperCross Ti was the last ski I had, after spending 3 days on the K2 Axis X (174cm) and an afternoon on the Head SL ski (170cm). The K2 is a good base for comparison, so I will spend a second talking about the K2.

Note that I found the Axis overly damp and slow edge-to-edge. They were GOOD in powder and crud, but on groomed they were well below expectations: slow, sluggish and poor edge grip. But huge sweet spot. I actually took out the Head World Cup SL ski out of frustration with the K2 Axis (while waiting for the SuperCross Ti to be available). The Head SL skis were outstanding, so I won't repeat what everyone already knows about these skis.

The SuperCross Ti were significantly better on the groomed than the K2 Axis (as expected). Edge hold, energy and rebound were very good, although one had to work to get the energy/rebound response. Short turns were much easier than expected, unlike some of the reviews that have said otherwise. Must stay centered on the ski.

In crud and powder the skis were outstanding (no surprise here). Although they are supposed to have the "full metal jacket" I found the skis quite flexible in rough terrain, yet very stiff torsionally! They can carve like heck, but will absorb rough stuff and not bounce all over in crud and bumps. Frankly I thought that these skis were much friendlier than the reviews sugested.

Overall, I would recommend these skis to strong skiers who like to have a mid-fat that performs reasonably well on the groomed.

The guy at the rental store (at Lizard Creek) told me that the SuperCross Ti is similar to the K2 Axis X Pro. I did not have a chance to rent the Axis X Pro, but I wonder if anyone can compare these two skis.

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Super Cross Ti is my favorite ski. It used to be my everyday ski. Now, I'm really loving the Cross Ti. I ski both in a 190.

Where the heck were you?
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I posted a long (and sad) post in the MEET ON THE HILL PLANNING section under the Fernie thread (who is in/out). I was there, but I missed all you people. Were you guys waiting in line on Saturday morning for the Elk Quad to open (about 45 minutes)? I was there with my wife and kept looking for Bears.

As for the SuperCross Ti: I have no bad words to say about that ski. I bet I would love the Cross Ti as well. Probably better suited for me (as an Eastern skier). Of course, I would love to demo the XP80 and even the XP100 (in a very short length).
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Sorry we missed you. Oh well, next time.

That darn Cross Ti is a really great ski. Dang! It's silky smooth. Like I said, my new every day ski.

I got lucky on it. I took my Cyber X-60's in to get tuned and they wasted them. So, I got the Cross Ti's for free. Yahoo, I feel like I hit the lottery!

But there's no replacing the Super Cross Ti for boot high or deeper. Wouldn't even consider anyting else.

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Hello, SCSA
I notice in your last posting that you once owned the Head X-60. I recently picked up a pair of 180's on sale and have been out only one day on them in heavy spring conditions. I would like to hear about your experience with the X-60, what they did well, what to watch out for, etc. I'm an intermediate skier, pretty good on blue square runs, presently struggling a bit with the transition to black diamond.
Cheers, Geoff
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