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Silverton Lodging

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A friend and I are planning on skiing at Silverton this weekend. We will ski Saturday and Monday with a day off in between. Anyone got recommendations on were to stay? Is durango doable or just to far? 


Edit: Also any reason to take skins or is it all boot pack?

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I recently stayed in The Grand Imperial in Silverton.  Nice place, lots of character.  Has a great attached saloon.


If an old hotel with "character" isnt your thing the Triangle Motel is clean and comfortable.  I have also stayed there.


Dont bother with skins, you will be doing boot packs exclusivly.  Your guide will be showing you around anyway, and they never assume anyone has skins.


Durango is a bit far away.  You can stay there but I wouldnt reccomend it.  If the weather goes bad, the pass to get into Silverton can close, and you wont be able to get into town.  Best to stay in town to avoid the possibility of getting stuck. 


Also - Highly reccomend the Avalanche Brewing Company both for awesome beer and pizza as well as breakfast/coffee.

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Well it appears every affordable hotel in silverton is book full. So I guess we will be staying in Durango

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Bummer.  The pass between Durango and Silverton doesnt usually close in bad weather.  That one stays open except in the most extreme circumstances, so you should be fine. 


If you were coming from the north (Ouray), its more likely bad weather would strand you.  Red Mountain Pass is somewhat sketchy even in dry conditions.

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No significant snow in forecast, no problem. It's a beautiful drive, and actually TWO passes. Lots of bc skiing in the area, too. 

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