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Hello, I am looking for a new telemark ski, and would appreciate any suggestions. Here is a little bit about myself: I am 6-2 and 175lbs. My home resort is Winter Park/Mary Jane in CO, where I spend about 60% of my time in the bumps, 20% in open bowls, and 20% in the trees. 
I currently use a pair (on loan) of 170 K2 PistePipes that are 80 wide. I previously snowboarded so I don't have anything to compare them to. I think they are pretty good in the bumps, but overall they seem too small and flexy for me.
I’m looking for something that is a little bigger and wider and more stable in open bowl skiing, but also not too heavy/cumbersome in the bumps. I am not too worried about width in the bumps (my snowboard was much wider than avg and it was fine), but I am a little cautious on length. 
Armada TST, DPS Wailer 99, Blizzard Kabookie, Salomon Rocker 92 seem pretty good. Any others I should consider?
Thank you very much!