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Mt. Baker and/or PNW Locals - Ski options? Norwalks?

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My wife and I recently moved to the PNW and ski Baker a few times a week.  We ski inbounds when there is powder and go into the backcountry when conditions are suitable.  Powder lasts 1-2 hours in the resort so most inbounds days go from knee deep+ pow to choppy crud and it varies from light to concrete.  There are typically pockets of snow in the trees or in the sidecountry after everything is skied out so we rarely ski groomers.  The terrain varies from tight trees to steep bowls.  


I understand there is no one ski solution but would like something that would work well in pow & chop, is light for touring and wide underfoot.  This weekend we skied in the backcountry on thick sun crust snow facing south to knee deep snow facing north.  Everything gets choppy between storms as people spread out to find snow.


Current set up:

179 K2 Kung Fujas (133, 102, 127) with Barrons for me and 169 K2 Missbehaved (133, 102, 127) with Dynafit Radicals for my wife.



I am considering the Armada Norwalk and would like to hear any thoughts on them or suggestions for other skis .  Thanks!

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Paging Posuane.  Please come to a white courtesy phone.

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My stepson is a long-term Mt. Baker & environs skier (a good one) and he just chose Volkl Nunataqs for himself and Nanuqs for his wife, both with Radicals.  He will be doing some lift-served on days when they bring the kids and longer distance steep & deep bc when he goes with other hurky late 30s to early 40s men.


I'm old, so I like to use really light gear, so I use Dynafit Stokes with Radicals on the steeper, deeper, softer, and crudier snows at Mt. Rainier; I use Manaslus when touring is the primary goal (except in the spring/summer when I go skinnier).  I use alpine skis (LX92, S7) with alpine bindings for lift-served days with the grandkids and my spouse.


But there are tons of ski out there; I doubt many people have skied enough of them enough of the time to do valid comparisons; I sure haven't.


On another thread, Sierra Jim's, there is a lot of discussion of the low 100s skis; one ski I would like to try is the DPS Wailer 99 pure--to me it is still within reasonable bc weight for me and seems to be a good compromise on width for holding an edge when carving and climbing-traversing steep side hills in hard snows and skiing deeper crud to powder.  If I were younger, I might try the BD Carbon Megawatts.


So a lot will depend on what you are going to do: ski the front country a little then go sidecountry a lot; emphasize backcountry; etc.

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Paging Posuane.  Please come to a white courtesy phone.

Well, here I am, but with nothing to say.  I am far from a gear head.  Once I find a ski that works for me I usually pay no attention to what else is out there.  I'm really no help on this thread except to tell the OP, "welcome to Baker," but thanks for thinking of me.

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4FRNT Hoji 187cm. Guardians/Barons/Dukes if you're heavy and/or ski inbounds a lot (due to heavy snow), Dynafits if you are smooth.

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