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Atomic Stomps 2003

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Ski Make: Atomic
Ski Model: Stomps
Ski Length: 171
Snow Conditions Used In: Fresh Powder, Cut-up and crud
Number of Days Used: 1/2 day
Your Ability: 8
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 20
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 30
Other Skis You Like: K2 Axis X, Bandit XXX
Your Height/Weight: 5'8"/ 200
Comments: The pow was really deep the morning I skied these. It was mid calf, knee and waist deep in spots. The ski seemed way to short for the pow and the rear tip seemed to make the ski dive in the really deep stuff. For as wide as the ski is 86cm at the waist it had very little float. It was also to short for me in the 171. I felt wat over the front of the ski and overpowering it. The ski was ok for blasting through the crud but not a great carver. Because of the twin tip the ski barely hooked up in any turns. You really had to drive this ski through turns. The ski was better throwing it around in the powder bumps.

As you can tell this is not the ski for me. It is a one trick pony and that is probably what it is designed for. I don't think it is a great all mountain ski and although I have not been on the Pocket Rocket my experience on the Stomp does not compare with the favorable reviews that I have read of that ski.

Overall impression of the Stomp is that it is landing gear for the Back Country but you won't have to much fun get back there on them.

My $.02


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Ski Make:Atomic
Ski Model:Stomp with Xentrix 614's, plate;
Ski Length:176
Snow Conditions Used In: NW crud, groomed
Number of Days Used: 2 long days
Your Ability: 7(?)(first skied in early 1960's), single black diamond; cruising
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: many
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: depends, not enough
Other Skis You Like: Volkl G3
Your Height/Weight: 5'9", 190, (48 yrs old)

Comments: I had to reply to this post once I saw it and offer up a bit of my perspective. I didn't ski my Stomps in deep powder, so I can't speak to that. I had read the French review of the Atomic Freeride skis and liked the comment by the tester of the Stomp that the ski worked well as an all mountain ski and was a very stable ski on the trails they tested on. So I took a chance and bought some 176 cm's (I'm a older and slower so the choice of that length seemed fine) I'm puzzled where the references in the review above to a 171 length and 86 mm waist come from. Do they have a 171? I don't know they have those dimensions; Mine are 176 and 88 waist as far as I can tell and I thought the shortest made. Anyway, for reference, I had skied a Volkl G3 before and liked it, but it was a bit chattery and hung me up in about a foot of choppy gunk more than once.
After I first saw the twin tips of the Stomp, I wondered what I had gotten into. Kind of extreme looking. Actual skiing told the story, however. The ski leans you out front, yet it feels like it has a long tail despite the upsweep at the rear. Comfortable though. Simply said, the skis are a blast. I felt very, very confident on these. I could turn quickly when I wanted, hit the deeper crud without worry, dive into the steeper slopes and ride the ice. They held edges very well. An interesting feeling was to lean back or push down hard on a heel and just ride up or power through whatever was underfoot. Very nice. Goes fast straight too. One day I demoed some Volant Gravity Powers for a head to head comparison to the Stomps on the same day. I gave the Volants a couple of hours and they were smooth graceful skis, but seemed flat feeling, and hung me up in the deeper crud. The Stomp had energy, stability and control and powered through the thick. I couldn't wait to switch skis, get the Stomp out and go. Such great fun, I may be addicted to the feeling they give. The Stomp, for me, is definitely a ski that bumped my level and capability up. They would probably be thought of as a bit skittery on a straight speed run on uneven icy cover by some, I guess, but staying over the top of them in those conditions helped me; anyway I still liked them better than the G3's under similar conditions,for what that's worth. The Stomp was remarkably good at traditional parallel skid and I thought a good carver too. Fast(to me) as well as very quick. If they're good in the park, I'll probably never personally know, but they probably are. Maybe some day, I'll try. I have a suspicion that the twin tip design coupled with other ski "technology" may be the wave of the future for general ski design. Perhaps in actuality, there is only one trick these can't do. To each his own. These are my two cents, and despite their looks, I know these funstiks sure work for me.

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