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Where would you go?

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I live in northern Utah and have season passes to Powder Mountain and Snowbasin. I was thinking about taking the family on a road trip to targhee. My wife said we should just stay local. Last year we stayed local and did 9 Days at 4 different resorts. Would you stay and Ski or travel and ski?
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Would help to know a little more.  Besides the wife, what are the ages of the other family members?  Does everybody ski about the same level?


9 days for 4 resorts sounds like too many for a family trip.  Assuming there isn't a reason to move around because of snow conditions.  Did you stay in one place and drive to different ski resorts?


My daughter and I started driving around for local skiing after she could handle any black in the southeast.  Did that for a few years before settling on Massanutten as the best place as our home mountain (4 hour drive one way).  I like to try out new places when I travel to meet up with adult friends.  For a trip out west with my daughter, we stick with Alta during her spring break.

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If you have passes to Powder and Snowbasin that's AWESOME.  I don't think Targhee is going to offer much extra skiing wise that you can't get at one of those... you're right in the heart of epic skiing anyway!  But if the idea is to change the scenery, Targhee does have a great view of the Grand Teton and it's an affordable family resort.  Just don't plan on any nightlife, it shuts down super early.  

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Targhee is a cool mountain and similar to Powder in a couple of ways. First, it has a very friendly, laid back vibe.  Second, it is not a gnarly mountain, but one with a lot of fun cruising at a decent pitch.


Include JH to make it worth the road trip.

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    I've been to Targhee before and loved it. My children are young but can Ski just about anything they are experienced on allot of double black D terrain. Well 2 of my children can  my wife and my 6 year old are not at the level of the rest of us however my 6 year does ski black D's  under control regularly just not her thing yet. The trip was more about adventure to me than anything else.   The 9 days was more of a challenge than anything but they loved it and handled it well. In Utah they have passports for younger kids that allows to have passes to every resort for $25.00 it was very affordable.  Probably doesn't make sense to travel when we have season passes to 2 resorts. Thanks for the impute I guess I can save the money and buy beacons for me and my son. 

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If I had Snowbasin for a home hill would find it hard to go anywhere, ever.  Do your Snowbasin passes have any benefits at Sun Valley?  That could be a really nice change to see a different side of skiing for your tribe.  Some of the nicer continual pitches and bumps in the country.  A fun place with a whole different flavor. 


A few days there and maybe a day at Pebble Creek for contrast, to break up the drive, and great skiing too?  


It must be hard to have problems like yours.

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I agree with the others.  You will not be traveling for better skiing, it will be for something else like scenery, culture, or family friendly non-ski options.  Maybe Targhee and Jackson Hole with side trip to Yellowstone?  Maybe Silver Mtn and it's waterpark with side trip to Whitefish and Glacier Nat'l Park?  Lot of driving on that second one.  The ultimate would be the Alps, but you must win lottery first to afford whole family.

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Thanks for the Sunvalley tip they do come with passes for my children. I was checking out a few deals up there yesterday. I guess your right i have 99 problems but a ski pass aint 1!

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I would go to Sun Valley. The town of the Ketchum is great, and it 

has a separate mountain for beginners and easy intermiate runs

called Dollar Mountain. Try something different.

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If you decide to go I like either the Sun Valley idea or the Targhee/Jackson trip. Both are good fun and enough different from what you normally ski to be a good diversion.  I took my kids up to Jackson last year and we had a blast.  The only negative was coming out-of-pocket for the lift tickets because Jackson is definitely not a cheap place to buy a day pass. 


We also go up to Sun Valley every year and my kids love that trip.  As fellow Snowbasin pass holders, 3 days of skiing is part of the deal for all kids passes (I believe) and for adult passes that paid the higher rate that also included summer lift access, no holiday black-outs, and some other things.  Sun Valley is a great ski hill with long runs at a sustained pitch.  Highlights include Limelight, Warm Springs, the Bowls, Christmas Ridge, Graduate, River Run and Exhibition.  Fast lifts and uncrowded slopes are a great combination.  If it only received a little more natural snowfall.   My kids also love Dollar Mountain for the range of terrain parks and compact layout again served by fast lifts with few crowds.  We spent the MLK holiday there last month and had a great time (as always). 


Not to overcomplicate it too much, but Big Sky is about an hour further than Jackson and also definitely worth a trip.


As Stranger mentioned above, Pebble Creek is also a fun  and inexpensive ski hill to hit on the way either to or from Sun Valley, Targhee or Big Sky. 

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