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Kastle Lx92 ?

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Matt here.. I'm living in Telluride for the season and we finally have some snow!!

I'm ready to pull the trigger on some Kastles..
I'm 5'8 150, I like to carve but want to have fun in some intermediate glades and trees. Currently ski salomon pilot series 180s from 2002. Fast fun and smooth, but too skinny and hard to turn in the bumps trees and off trail. All of which I'd like to do more of.

Fx94 176 a lil too stiff..
Mx83 173 a lil too short..
Mx88 178 too damn fast for me
Lx82 172 too short..

Lx92 174 just right ? I'm just too light for Mx and even Fx.

Love the board, thanx for anyone's input

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Skied all of skis mentioned but mx83 but own mx78
Think your bang on re lx92 in 174
Love that ski very forgiving great balance of soft snow float and carving ability. Tip is soft and tail releases easily and it's so smooth!
See for his review he's usually spot on
Enjoy telluride!
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I'm 5'10, 170-175lbs with LX92 174cm and find them "just right" and reeeally like 'em !


FWIW:  While at Whistler a few weeks ago, I rented MX88 178cm - they were just right and I luv'd them too !

I also rented MX83 173 and also found them too short for me.


- Andy

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Thankyou guys.. I should have a pair by next week.. I'll let ya know what I think.
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