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Originally Posted by rx2ski View Post

 Most of the physical therapists I know are female. Where is the incentive for us females going through rehab? ;)

You could always opt for an "undocumented therapist". What us guys don't have in technical know how we make up for in enthusiasm.

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I feel your pain. Just broke my ankle & tore meniscus this past Tues. Have only 10 days on my season pass & over $300 invested in discount vouchers to other areas I probably won't be able to use. Good news is I probably won't need surgery for the knee, bad news is I can't start therapy until the cast for the ankle comes off. Getting around on crutches sucks. Didn't come down in a sled though, skied down myself.

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Originally Posted by jdog View Post

You could always opt for an "undocumented therapist". What us guys don't have in technical know how we make up for in enthusiasm.


I guess I'll have to start looking for a "personal trainer".


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sorry to hear of the crash but wishing you a quick recovery with min of pain ...

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MRI and CT were negative for tears and everything looks good. I just need to wear my brace and keep my knee straight for the next five weeks. Looks like I was very lucky all way round.


Doc did say that if the swelling has not gone down enough he will put a needle in and drain it.  ZOINKS!!


I think I am more scared of that than  anything!

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That is good news!
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Glad to hear the "good" news--or at least the not so bad news.


Hang in there!


Maybe you'll be able to do some pool therapy down the road.

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good luck with your recovery

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Hows the recovery going? I fractured my tibial spine this last weekend - and tore my ACL and MLC.... Running gates, so luckily no one else involved. Surgery scheduled day after tomorrow... pretty bummed about season ending injury before January... Give me some good news!

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So, not sure about the tibial spine part of it, but the good news is you should have a full season next year if the ACL and MCL stay true to what I did. I came back with some head games, but physically stronger than I was before the injury. Hang in there and PT, PT, PT!!!!!
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heal up, the rehab is critical.  The worst part is the mental aspect but in 6 months you will be feeling strong.  I skied 40 days the season after surgery with no brace and no restrictions, I am at 16 so far this season.  I don't even think about it when skiing.  Its strong and stable.  

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My experience is similar to FinnDog's. The only time I think about it now is when a kid skis under my skis and requires me to bend at a weird angle to get him/her out of his/her skis and away from mine! Haha.
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I've had two seasons of 35-40 days after a tib-fib spiral fracture in 2010/11. PT definitely helped. No braces or other support, just a couple of rounds of boot fitting initially.  The titanium rod/nail remains in my right leg, though I had the three screws removed. The first few times I skied after surgery I kept them in my pocket, just to remind myself to ski safely and also to remind myself of how far I'd come, being back on snow.  


I've got 15 days so far this year. 

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Thanks all.


Just had surgery yesterday - after a gross night recovering, I am feeling pretty good today. Got away with just some screws - no plates or rods thankfully. Started on that machine today that bends the knee - started at 30 degrees, up to 40. Doctor wants 100 in three weeks... Start PT on Thursday. Hopefully by February I will be sitting at the lodge watching the wife ski down the hill.


One last question - I expect some boot work, but I am at 120 flex, cant imagine going to 130 is going to make a HUGE difference .... maybe I am wrong... But did anyone make significant change in ski selection their first season back? Right now, my daily ski is the Head i.Titan @177, and on a slow day on the mountain when the crowds are minimal and the conditions are groomed out nicely, I break out my Head i.Speeds @180 (I am 5'9.) Both are heavier and stiffer skis, which I love.


Should I expect being more comfortable on a shorter, lighter ski with more flex? Not a SL ski, but something more "all mountain" and noodle-y, and work back up the titans and ispeeds as my strength and mindset improve?


Thanks guys,

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I had some head games coming back. I appreciated a softer and more forgiving ski for my first months back, but it wasn't necessary. By the time a good physical therapist clears you to ski, it's all mental . . . or at least it was for me.

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It's February ! Sat in the lodge today while wife skied. Have near full extension back (-5 to 120 degrees without help). Not much pain anymore, just occasional shooting pains from incisions, and still weak muscles which hurt. I could walk, but the surgeon wants me to stay off leg until mid February, to allow time for the tibial and fib bones to heal. So my upper body is getting a great work out crunching around. According to PT, every week a muscle goes without being used, it takes two weeks to rebuild the loss. So I will have 7 weeks of no use, so 14 weeks until I can expect to feel normal on the leg. But everyday is better.
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I didn't realize this thread was still alive!


Sorry to hear about your accident and surgery...I hope the healing comes fast and you have no issues!


Due to a lot going on this year, I have only got to go out on the mountain three times. We plan on going up Thursday night and skiing Friday and Saturday. Because I herniated a disc in my back, I didn't get out until January 11th (yeah getting old sucks and my body is falling apart!)...but I had a great time on the hill. My first runs were very cautious...if you remember my injury came from a collision with another skier...so my sense of awareness is greatly heightened right now. I had a bit of soreness in my knee afterward, but nothing major. Things are going very well and I feel I am back up to nearly 100%. I still get a tinge of fear when I get my speed up, but I am sure that will pass as I continue to ski.

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