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Need to Buy New Skis NOW--My Volkl Katanas died of old age and over use

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I'm a very fit (read skinny) 5'10" 140# 45 yr. old expert. I bought a pair of 177 Volkl Katanas at the end of the season 4 years ago thinking they would be my powder skis. I live in CO in the Elk Mtns and ski 80-100 days/year (usually not full days, but am out whenever I can be). I ski a lot of bumps as well as big mountain type skiing (Highland Bowl, The Dumps, Bell Mt. etc.). Anyway-the Katana became my everyday ski. I have the pre-rocker version that is flat. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these skis were dynamite on groomers, but was really surprised that I could rip bump runs on them. I'm guessing this is b/c of the flat bottom, relatively short tail and "pivotiness" of the ski. After hundreds of days I can no longer get an edge on them and am faced with buying new skis mid-season. I demoed  Blizzard Bonafide 180-liked it for bombing steeps, didn't like it in bumps. Overall they felt ok. I also demoed Nordica Patron 185 which I liked better, but still misssed my Katanas. Noone in town demos the current rockered Katana. Skis that I liked in past include Nordica Hot Rod Afterburner and 35 years of various Rossignol models. Given this background, what would be a good ski for me to demo and maybe buy? Thanks in advance!

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If you liked your Katana I would wait for next years V-Werks Katana.

It was named ski of the year at the European Ski Show. I have the V-Werks 84.

It is light, and strong. It rips. It is made of carbon, and other lightweight materials.

Their is a video link from the Europe show talking about the ski. Sorry I dont have the link. 

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Buy the Katana's again. Now made in Germany. 4mm Wider than the earlier designs. Similar construction to the Mantra. Beautiful finish. Lots of skiers dig them this season. Metal, vs carbon in the V Works model are both likely great skis with a different feel.

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Do you think the new ones are still as good in the bumps? I really wish a local shop had them available to demo. I took some runs on an old pair of b2's that were in the garage--perfectly fun, but not a long term answer. Thanks a lot for replying!
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The Elan Olympus/1010 is a slightly more user friendly version of the Katana (not soft but softer tip).  This is a very underrated ski but you will be very hard pressed to find it in a demo fleet.  I have owned it and two pair of Katanas. dawgcatching does a good review of the elan and I think there is a 184 cm pair of last year's (no change) at porterstahoe.com.  Your version of the Katanas were actually about 2 cm shorter than the stated length and that's no longer the case if you were considering going longer.  I skied the Helldorado and the Patron the other day and if you haven't skied the Helldo its a bulldozer version of the Patron.  A lot of fun but a serious ski.

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Go and read some reviews on the Kastles here,then, hand deep in pocket go and by them,you will wonder why you were pissin about with the


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   Bluehouse Maestro's are on 35% off sale, $449 X 35% off= $291.85, with code 35V2P on:




   The 35% off is for everything on the site.


  I have them and love them!  I weigh 150lbs, 5'9" and ski the 178 length.  

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Originally Posted by Davesmad View Post

Go and read some reviews on the Kastles here,then, hand deep in pocket go and by them,you will wonder why you were pissin about with the



There is some truth here. As a current Katana owner, I have been experimenting with the BMX108 and I think it might be just what the OP is looking for. Especially with his interest in skiing it in bumps. I don't think either ski is very good for East Coast (hard) bumps, but the 108 is better. The tiny bit of camber is nice on hard snow too.

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A Cochise would be more similar to your Katanas than a Bonafide. How wide we're those Katanas? New ones are 111 now? Cochise would have that same Pivoty feeling as your Katana due to it not having. Cochise and Katana have similar mounting points as well (shorter tails). Most likely another Katana is what you're looking for. New one doesn't really have that much rocker.
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My Katanas are also 111 under foot. I took them out today in some soft snow. Cochise and Kastle are available to demo here and there's a shot I could get on the Elan. Bluehouse is new to me, but I like the price (especially compared to Kastle) and will check out the website. I'll be able to offer some thoughts on a wider variety of skis-or a variety of wide skis, by the time I buy. Thanks for the great input! 

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"New" Katana's (since the '11-12 season) have been 112 under foot and are stiffer than the '10-11 & previous versions.

Try a new, 2012-13 177 Katana. Next year's will be the same ski, with just a graphic change. The V-Werks Katana will only come in 184 & 191 lengths, so that sounds too long for what you're looking for.

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The 2014 vwerks Kantana looks ridiculously sick!! Wish they made a VWerks Mantra. I'm liking the carbon and thin profile of the new ski. The soul 7 has my attention along with the Rocker 108 and FX 104 with tip rocker.

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I have owned 3 of the skis mentioned here, so a summary is in order (comparing mid 180's)


Volkl Katana: stiff, powerful, great ski, no speed limit in 184cm


Kastle BMX108: even more stable in 188cm, not as much turn radius, more damp, great in bumps if you are active with your feet


Elan 1010/Olympus (same ski): a bit softer in the tip, camber underfoot, bigger sweet spot than the other 2, a little more sidecut than the 108, super versatile, rips in variable conditions


Blizzard Cochise: pretty stout, playful tail, lots of grip on hard snow, a handful in bumps for me and small sweet spot


Blizzard Scout (2014 model that we are selling, basically a Cochise w/o metal): similar to Cochise, but bigger sweet spot, better in zipper line bumps as long as snow is soft, tip is easier to pressure and trust into the trough.  Great on soft groomers. 


These are all good skis, doing some things well, some things not as well.  If it is new snow and fast skiing, the BMX108 is the best ski here, also if you are skilled and can handle the extra length. It isn't too stiff, so it is manageable in a longer length, with a crazy high speed limit.  For skied out crud and all radius turns, I like the Elan and the Blizzi Scout.  Both are versatile in a wide range of conditions and turn shapes, not giving up much top end.   For big turns in junky snow, the Cochise is sweet, as is the Katana, as is the BMX108. The first 2 are a bit turnier than the 108, whereas the latter just skims crud. You don't even notice it.  But, 188cm is quite a bit of ski. Not for everyone, but at 5 foot 9, 155lbs, I didn't have an issue, because the tip isn't too stout, and the ski has a decent sweet spot.  Really stiff skis in a shorter length punish me much more than a medium flex ski in a longer length. 

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Talk to Mike Sladdin at Gorsuch under the gondi.  If they have a demo at any of their stores, he can probably get it sent to his shop.  Performance sells a lot of Volkls, but they are a race oriented shop. 

What size boot do you wear?  I have the MX108 w/916@305 in a 187 you could try.


Greg Hanle, best guy >50 in the valley skis the Bones in a 187 everyday.

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A 186 Rossi Sickle is 110 underfoot and measures 182.5.. Has flat camber continuous low/early tip/tail rise. I'm finding them very playful but with good edge hold on firm (think wind scoured Headwall Face at Squaw). A lot of fun even on hard bumps with windblown chalk in-between. I even took them in the half-pipe with my kid and had fun.

A few places have been blowing them out at about $350/pair shipped. (Try The House or Evo) http://www.the-house.com/8974rosic12zz-rossignol-skis.html

See review here: http://blistergearreview.com/gear-reviews/review-2011-2012-rossignol-sickle-2010-2011-rossignol-s6-186cm/3
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