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How has Utah been this year?

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I'll be there soon     redface.gif


Just curious how it's gone so far for  2012-2013.



* * *  t h i n k     s n o w  * * *   





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Northern UT (Snowbasin, Pow Mow) has been very weird. A slow start resulted in a very low base. Then around the holidays, it really picked up and started dumping with fairly regular storms ever since - a couple of weeks ago, close to four feet in about four days. But, the base never fully recovered, so sometimes it's been thigh-deep with a ton of weeds, rocks, roots and other crap to contend with. Also, more snow in the valley than we're used to - the sides of the sidewalks are about up to my chest and my roof was over knee-deep a couple weeks ago. 


Overall, excellent snow, just a different pattern than I've seen. I haven't been to the Cottonwoods or PC, so no comment on them. 

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It's OK, but not epic. Yet.  The snow in the last two weeks was sorely needed, and you can see a lot of rock areas still need a lot more.  It's been snowing lightly and steadily the last few days, yesterday was sunny and cold, today it's snowing again, but lightly. 


I heard great reports of Pow Mow though.

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I've skied the Cottonwoods and PC a lot this season. As others have stated, it's been OK, certainly far from epic, but more steady than last season. In LCC, there are still a ton of rocks showing, but the surface has stayed fairly decent most of the season from storms every week or every other week.  All of the terrain is open and usually skis well, but is a game of rock-hopping at times.

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