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Vail Conditions

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Considering a mid-March long weekend trip to CO - either Vail or Steamboat.  We love Steamboat but it's just so much more difficult to get to from the east coast.  How are the conditions at Vail this year?  I hear not that great so am a little concerned.  Looking for something convenient to DIA.



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35" base.  Head to Winter Park or Breck

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Originally Posted by voriand View Post


35" base.  Head to Winter Park or Breck



Why?  Breck is in much worse shape.....

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So do you think Vail will be ok then?  My other option is going to Salt Lake and doing PCMR, Canyons, Deer Valley.

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What kind of skiing are you looking for?

Breck's groomers are in pretty good shape and we have gotten and continue to get snow as I type. Off-piste is thin, but we haven't had any major thaws so most of the trails, especially North facing aspects are very nice. Again thin in places. Access is thin, like the traverse to Peak 7 from the top of Imperial; take your skis off for 10 meters then ski again. The old hike line on Peak 7 was fabulous last Thursday.

I've been skiing skis that I don't mind banging up a little off-piste. On-piste, use anything you have. There are some floaters from early on that keep being brought up by the tillers, but you won't find really bad spots anywhere that's groomed. Peak 10 groomers are great.

No one in the Summit or Eagle is having a great season. It doesn't mean the skiing sucks, though.

From what I hear, the NW corner of the country is where its going off.
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Originally Posted by UGASkiDawg View Post



Why?  Breck is in much worse shape.....

Have not hit Breck yet this year.  Was going off the general snowpack unless Breck is inflating their numbers..


Back to the OP.  If you only ski groomers Vail will be just fine.

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I like to ski the glades and off-piste as much as possible, so doesn't sound like Vail is a good idea this year.  If I can figure out Steamboat logistics then I'll do that, but might be SLC.

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Vail is in very good shape at the moment.  Coverage and snow quality has improved tremendously the last few weeks- there was even a recent thread here about a girl getting rescued from a tree well off Chair 14.  


It is snowing currently in Frisco, but suppose to be warm over the weekend before another possible storm on Monday.


On Thursday, I was skiing knee deep powder and here are a few pics of the blue bird conditions yesterday.



Hunky Dory (Wildwood Chair 3)


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Was in Vail over President's day weekend. Bowls are in good shape, off piste it was a bit choppy but any thin spots were well marked. North facing slopes are fine; the trees in Northwoods were great. It was a slow start to the season but more like normal now.

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Vail back bowls were in good shape when I was there mid february. We were there for the 14-15th storm. here's a shot of my son knee deep in China Bowl during a clear skies gap on the afternoon of the fifteenth. Over the next three days it got pretty skied out but there was a decent base in most areas.

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All of Summit County, CO has been getting snow this week. Haven't been to Vail in a few weeks, but it was pretty good when we were there. (Granted, we went the morning after a 10in snowstorm) Tomorrow it's supposed to be 35 degrees and sunny, so hopefully the snow will stay.


Breck gets more snow than the surrounding resorts (Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, etc) but has much larger crowds so the snow gets packed quicker.

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I skied Vail as recently as Thursday 2/28 and it was in great shape.  Shangri-la glade was soft snow, bumps on Showboat also snow covered.  Blue Sky basin in wonderful shape, snow everywhere.

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Originally Posted by What is HDS View Post

Breck gets more snow than the surrounding resorts (Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, etc) but has much larger crowds so the snow gets packed quicker.

Breck reports more snow, but many of us question whether they moved their snow stake to an area that gets a lot of wind load.  We don't really believe that Breck consistently gets 60% more snow than Copper, which is just one ridge away.  Copper's snowfall to date is 125 inches while Breck is reporting over 200. 


That all being said, the recent consistent dose of snow has Breck and Copper skiing pretty well.  Yes, there are areas at Breck where you have to pick your way through rocks, but that is almost always the case.  While I haven't skied Vail since mid-January, I suspect it is skiing quite well with the significant snowfall we've had over the past 2 weeks.



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