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The most exciting thing I skied at Trade Fair was not a ski. The Dolomite DC 100 may be the first soft boot that really lives up to its promises. It looks like a snowboard boot, rachet buckles, lots of soft looking materials. Unlike the Rossi Softs, it seems to have a very versatile fit. I have a med volume foot, with D/E forefoot width, and a narrow heel. I fit quite well in an old Head WC, and ski every day in an old San Marco ZX9. I had no problem with fitting into the DC100. Another guy from our shop who has a narrower, lower volume foot (skis Lange XZero 9) also had no problems with the fit. Unlike a traditional boot, where the buckles really just close the shell, they actually seemed to make real fit adjustments in the DC 100. How did it ski? This was the real question, and we were pretty impressed by it's performance. I skied it about five runs, with a forgiving 107-70-97 midfat from Elan (very similar to the K2 Axis X). It skied great. It was responsive and fun, on the groomed, and in moderate bumps. I did not get them figured out for high speed arcing, but I think they could do it, at least on piste. I was too lazy to swap my footbeds, and definatly lost performance, and a bit of comfort. The boot lacks an upper cuff adjustment (boo!), but production models may get one. We carry the Rossi Soft at our shop, and have not been thrilled with it's fit, or performance. It has demoed and sold OK, but is not really all it is cracked up to be. The DC 100 may be the real thing for lots of skiers. It will give recreational skiers (up to say PSIA 7-8) a very comfortable boot that skis well. We plan on carrying several size runs at Kittredge for rental/demo, and quite a deep buy for retail. I really belive people will demo these one day, and buy it that afternoon. Personally, I was so excited by this boot, I tried to get the rep to loan them to me after his show are done. I am very curious how they would ski with footbeds, and tweaking, not to mention more getting used to them. One final note; the stance on the DC 100 is very neutral, flat and upright. My kind of stance. Of course, it would be very easy to add heel lifts and spoilers to increase the angles. This type of stance should be ideal for many people, especially on the small shaped skis it is designed to work with.