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powder skis

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This year I decided against compromising, thus soon I will own 2 pairs of skis, East and West coast. I was fortunate to demo Volkl Vertigo G41 in 188 for about a week, and I absolutely loved it. I am also intrigued by Salomon's Pocket Rocket, although I've never tried them. Please help me decide by posting your experiences with either ski.
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I have the Volkl G4, which is the this season's model of the G41.

Ski Make: Volkl
Ski Model: G4
Ski Length: 188
Snow Conditions Used In: Powder, Crud, Corn, Groomers, Hard Pack, Moguls, everything
Number of Days Used: 40
Your Ability: 8-9
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 21
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 50-60
Other Skis You Like: Solomon 1080, Volkl G31, Rossi XXX
Your Height/Weight: 5'11"/170lbs
Comments: This is quite possibly the best ski that I have ever had on my feet! I bought it late last season, and have enjoyed skiing it in almost all conditions. The ski is unreal in powder and crud, yet can transition to groomed and chop very well. Stiff enough to punch through anything without getting bounced. The ski is lightning fast, very responsive, and fairly versital, however, can be a bit much if you get lazy or take them into the bumps. This is not my only pair of skis, and I would not recomend it to anybody as their only set, nor to a intermediate skier. You must work this ski, but it will reward you. Push it to the limits, and it wants to run.

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The Pocket Rocket is a noodle, very soft compared to the G4(1).
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I skied on my son's Pocket Rocket on windpack, crud & hard groomers. The Pocket Rocket is extremely quick in windpack & crud. It was great for skiing trees and tight chutes. It was too light for high speeds through the crud, but was adequate at high speeds on groomers (I wouldn't want to ski icy conditions on it).

If you ski a lot of off-piste steeps, chutes & trees consider getting the Pocket Rocket. If you want wide-open, high speed performance through powder or crud look at the G4.
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Followup question: how does the G4 perform in different lengths? I thought the 188 was a touch too long for me for a stiff ski. I'm 5'6, 130lb, fast, agressive skier and strong for my size. If I understand Keelty's website correctly, G4 is stiffer and less forgiving than its predecessor, so I'm probably looking at 178.
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Unfortuniatly, Volkl doesn't make the G4 in a 183 or similar size. The 188 is a powerful ski, and I felt the 178 was a bit short for me. With your size, I'd look very seriously into the 178, sounds like a good match up.

My ski buddy has the 178 and has no complaints, he is about 5'5", 145 lbs, very strong skier. I think the shorter size is quicker in short turns, but maybe not as stable at mach speeds.

Its a heavy ski, so might want to try to keep the binding light. I love my set up with Rossi 120 T-Plates, they help keep the weight down, and work perfectly.

This ski is suited nicely for the terrain and snow that we see here in the Wasatch. How do people feel about it in the Sierras and other areas?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AltaSkier:

This ski is suited nicely for the terrain and snow that we see here in the Wasatch. How do people feel about it in the Sierras and other areas?

G41 is unbeatable in heavy Sierra snow. I ski the 188 and wouldn't trade it for anything. You can arc huge GS turns over steep, heavy chop that no one else will ski, and if you push it hard enough you can bounce short turns. Not a ski for the underconfident or tentative, though, because it will kick your butt if you lean back or dork around.
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There was a consumer gear review comparing the G41 to the Pocket Rocket a few months ago. Do a search for it. I have the G41s in a 188, and really like 'em. I thought the PR performed a bit better in powder, but the G41s are far more versatile.
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Well, I decided on the G4. I've already skied on them and loved them. So I went to a few places to scope out the prices and found out that NOT A SINGLE SHOP in NJ has them. I then went to the Volkl website and started calling dealers in other states. Things were looking very bleak, the last shop I called has also sold out of G4s, but the manager (guessing) noticed the disappointment in my voice and offered to sell me his. Skied 3 times, Marker binding, $550. I am going to see him tomorrow after work. Just in time for Jay Peak this weekend.
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Ran into the same problem when I was looking for the G41 late last season. Thats how I ended up with this years G4, at end of the season prices! Pays to talk to shop guys for a bit, never know what they will tell you, show you, or bring you from the back room! They know the gear, usually want to hear your opinions, and will help you out when they can. Enjoy the new skis!
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