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A low/no-odor base cleaner?

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Was wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a low/no-odor base cleaner.  I have used several over the years--Holmenkol, Swix, and others, both regular and citric--and they all seem to have a half-life of 4-5 days, as in the smell persists in the basement.  When using I've had the windows open and fans running.


Not looking to reignite a discussion on the pros/cons of base cleaner, just would like some input on lesser odor cleaners, if indeed they exist.  

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Hot Scrap em,


Just a wax smell in the basement then


But for really heavy amounts of sap in the spring, those active base cleaners are wonderful

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I don't know if such a low odor chemical base cleaner exists yet.

great for cleaning tools though
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