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Big decsion to make go with a: Dynastar Legend Sultan 85 or a Rossi CX 80 ti?

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I have the opportunity to get a brand new East coast all mountain ski as a present and because of price limitations I have narrowed it down to 2 skis:

2010 175cm Rossi CX 80 TI or a  2011 Dynastar Sultan 85, both brand new.

a little about me: 52 years old very fit , ski 45 days a year strong level 8/weak level 9. Ski pretty much everywhere on the hill.

 My main stick is a 2011 Dynastar speed course 177cm, and my soft snow ski is a 2012 peak ipro 78 in a 178. I ski primarily at Cannon Mountain NH, once in a while I will head up to Jay peak VT or Sugarloaf ME. I ski 75%  of the time on front side and when open, I will wander into the trees. I ski bumps about 20% of the time and will only avoid them if they are "Ice Bumps". I love to carve and I like bump skiing, just getting into the "trees", but also really enjoy that as well.

The Heads have been a major disappointment for me. They are not a very great hard snow ski, which is what I ski on most of the time, and the soft tip makes them feel squirrely, but they are easy in the bumps and the few days of powder we have had, they have been "Okay". They lack that "solid" feel I love so much with my Dynastar and in the past,  my  Fischer progressors. I bought them on based reviews and am sorry I did.

So I have a choice to get one of the above mentioned skis, brand new but I can't demo them. I guess I am looking for a ski that I can take anywhere on the hill without worrying about what I have on my feet. The Speed course is excellent on ice, groomers and up to fairly large bumps, but hooks up too much in the trees, and frankly I don't want to ruin them in there. I have not tried them in Powder.

Has Anyone  skied both of the above mentioned that is willing to share an opinion on their difference and strengths? I would greatly appreciate it.  I know these are older models, but I can get one pair because of their price and both have reviewed very well.

Everyone I have spoke to at Cannon that skis the legend loves it, everyone who skis the CX 80 Loves it so they have been no help.

Thanks in advance!

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I can offer help as I own both Speed Course Ti's and Sultan Legend 85's. I haven't skied the Rossi, but would say you would want a flat ski for soft snow performance to compliment your Course Ti's (with their race plate), for all mountain capability. The newer Legend 85 has a bit of tip rocker and skis a hair unbalanced flex with a slightly stiffer tail than the first year Sultan-Legend that is full camber. Both are easy to drive through tight sharp faced moguls, will float well in a foot of new snow (powder or cement), and carve a nice turn on smooth natural slopes and groomers. You'll need to keep them race tuned for full ice grip but they will hold on about any thing if they are tuned, (they have 2 layers of titanal).  They are a bit relaxed in pace and energy, and a ski I'll use when conditions are skied out or I'm really tired after skiing hard for a couple days on my Pro Rider 105's.  For Cannon, I think it would be a great second ski choice and will maker a good 2-ski quiver with your Course Ti's.  Good Luck!

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To risk a car analogy that's like choosing between a Volvo sedan and a BMW 330i. clear differences in different classes, both good quality.

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Thanks. After much  deliberation and speaking to my daughter's race coach, who has been on all 3 models I have decided to go with the legend 85. The Cx 80 Ti would be very close in performance to the speed course with a wider base, but would pose the same challenges in deep bumps and the trees. The legend will be a nice compliment and make a good 2 ski quiver to cover the variety of conditions in the east.

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agreed. the cx80Ti would be very similar in performance to my speed course. iwill opt for the Legend. Thanks for the input. It is tough to purchase without a demo so other user's experiences are very helpful.

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Good choice. Solid ski with the Dynastar feel, that you already know you like. Washoe's description was on the money.
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I was too late and lost my chance at the legends.I  pulled the trigger on a pair of Fisher C-Motive 84's in a 175cm.

They should fit the bill nicely.

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