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03 Salomon 2V

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Ski Make:
Ski Model: Salomon 10 2V
Ski Length:190cm
Snow Conditions Used In:warm hard pack
Number of Days Used:1 day
Your Ability: racer
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing:16
Avg. Days per Year Skiing:100+
Other Skis You Like:Volkl P50 F1, Head World Cup,
Your Height/Weight:6'/ 180lbs
Comments: I can't actually remember the cut but I'm pretty sure the tip is 100mm. I do know for sure that they have done away with the larger tail and gone back to a conventional shape for skis.

This ski does not ski like a Salomon. For starters I should say that I usually hate salomons. In the past I have found them soft and dead.

I usually ski Volkl because of the solid edge grip. That said this has got to be the most torsoinally ridgid ski out there. I have never skied anything that held as well as this ski. I'd put it on edge and it was rock solid. Even if I was out of position a bit it didn't let go of the carve. That was the most striking thing about these skis considering what salomons I have skied in the past.

Like I said above the tip is 100mm or something to that effect. And in line the ski feels like a stiff ski. This would lead me to believe that I would need to really work the skis to get them to come around. That isn't so. Even with smaller side cut they are really easy to bring around. They make nice tight GS arcs easily.

My only criticism of this ski was that it felt a little dead. Given this has a bit to do with how I was skiing yesterday, but even at that it wasn't the liveliest ski that I have skied.

Over all the solid edge grip really impressed me. In that respect this is the best ski that I have skied. It is so impressive that I am considering switching to Salomon next year.
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THanks for the review, i cant wait to get on them. Do you knwo what lengths are available?? I am considering moving up to around a 180 for next season. Were you on the race stock model or the regular one? Does it accelerate out of the turns as well as this season's 2V does? Sounds like a great ski, especially considering its edgehold.

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