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Hi again,

     In another post asking about Kastle MX88 lengt,. I also mentioned wanting to demo Rossi E88s, RTM84s and Crimson TIs. I am also thinking of adding Kendos to this list. I have a problem understaning ski stiffness. It appears the stiffer skis are for more of an advanced aggressive skier? Here's what I am. 6'1/2" tall, 228 lbs. I ski blues and very wide easy blacks, and want to take lessons for steeper runs. YET I cruise nice and easy. My buddies point their sticks down the hill and fly, making short precision turns. I have fun, taking it easy, back and forth across the trails. I might pick up speed on easier blues. And want a ski for easy short turns since I hate thin trails with not enough room for giant turns. Anyway, I also want a ski for fresh eastern powder, the end of day ungroomed(maybe, what, 6" - 10") and that mashed potato slop at the bottom of the hill. How does stiffness come into play? Yes, again, I will demo, but what SHOULD I demo, stiff skis or not so stiff? And is my list ok, should I try others, etc?

Thanks in advance for your advices.