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Looking for opinions on Freerideski in the 110-120 mm Range

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Hey there,


i am looking for an additional freeride ski in the sub 120mm range.


I am 6.3 and 200lbs more of a finesse skier than power skier. I am skiing roughly 20-30 /yr in the alps, off piste whenever i can.

The skis will get dukes/guardians, although i am only doing short skins maybe 10 times/yr.


Skis i own: 188 Legend 8800, 193 Cochises, 190 Big Daddys (last edition)


The Cochises seem to be great skis, but i am struggling a bit with the stiff tail, when things get bumped up on piste/off piste. Besides that - great, fast skis. So the new skis should sort of complement them. The DAddys are real nice, however, the new skis should be a little more agile. So, that´s the "gap" i want to fill :))


Actually i wanted to get the 193 automatics, but they are sold out everywhere.

What else comes to my mind:


(- Atomic Automatic 193   )

- Black Crows Nocta 190

- countdown 2 190

- Salomon Rocker 2 115 188cm 

- K2 Sideseth 188cm

- Nordica Patron 193

- Nordica helldorado 193

- 4Frnt Hoji 187/195cm

- Völkl Shiro 193cm


Right now i am leaning towards to the Rocker 115, Shiro or Helldorado.

Anybody has some input? cool.gif


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I can only comment on the Shiros, which I'm going to start using as my every day set up. They definitely work well as both a finesse and charging ski (they make charging easy) and are great in cut up conditions.

I put up a full review a couple of days ago, hope it helps:

Also, how come no S7? It's a pretty similar ski to the Automatic, and definitely very good in cut up conditions as well as powder.


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Black Crows Nocta, insanely fun ski.

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I'm an Automatic fan, but I think you might be happier on the R2 115, given what you are wanting.  I hope you get a chance to demo some, I've had some real surprises (some great, some not so great) demoing in the past.

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I haven't skied them (planning to tomorrow), but from what I've read the Rocker2 108 (111 under foot for the 190) or Rocker 2 115 might be good bets.  If you want something a bit softer and more playful after trying a Rocker2 115, maybe try to find an Automatic.  If you find you want something more than the Rocker2 115, maybe try a 190 Bibby Pro. 

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Hmm, ok. thanks everybody.
So I have to rule out the automatics, as they are not available.

shiros, maybe a tad too wide, otherwise seem to be a very good choice (also for heavier skiers?)
s7 i dont know, just no big fan
salomon rocker 115 might be it.
helldorados, helldorados the blistergear review kind of blew it
noctas - would love to try them, but for now too expensive to just buy them
hojis same thing, would love to try them, sounds real good.
bibby pros, also sound great, bu alittle too burly, for what i am looking for.

so this leaves me with the ones i chose first (shiro, r115, helldorado)

what about agility?
shiro > R115 > helldorado (helldorado least agile)

"plankness" ??
helldorado > R115 > shiro. (shiro least planky)

guess i choose the cheapest one...rolleyes.gif
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DPS 112 or 112 RPC.  

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Am I the only one wondering why you commented with two different user names? haha


You should add the Line Opus to your list. I know of a couple people on them that really, really like them.



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yep, thought about te line opus as well...
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oh, and hey - after loosing my second pw, i found out that my old account works again...
i am confused redface.gifredface.gifredface.gif
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I can't really help here, but I remember reading a Rocker2 115 review from JayT where he said he got them to complement his Cochises, so you might ask him.


Here's his review.

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thanks - good link !

Similar idea ...

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