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Dale Boots

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Hello guys, wondering about Dale boots.   Know next to nothing about them and know no one in them. In a pair of Surefeet Tecnicas with the custom orthotics cork lifts spoilers and all the bells and whistles.    Six or seven seasons in them and 40-60 days +/- most. The things are cold!! have heaters which make them bearable and even comfortable on cold days.  Ski mostly northern rockies anymore.   Spend most of my time in bumps when there is not fresh snow.  (my idea of heaven is fresh covered bumps!)  but this may not be my future as age is gaining.  Anyhow what is the skinny in these?  Thanks

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most good bootfitting is the person, not the product. 


its a good option, but dealers are few and far bwtween.  


might be simpler, cheaper, better, to find a good local shop and see what they have for you.

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