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ZipFit sizing?

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I asked a related question over in the bootfitter section but I'm interested in getting some feedback from the skiing community as a whole. I'm looking to buy some ZipFit liners for my Head Raptor RS 115 boots, to replace the original liners which have packed out rather now. The Raptors have a narrowish fit (98mm) last, but I have VERY skinny feet and shins, so that now I am skiing with the boots buckled up to the last available notch. Shell fit is verging on 'comfort' (17mm), but I'm not really in a position to go down a size with the shells and have the necessary work done to make them fit, so I'm looking for ZipFits to restore the original snug feel.


I suspect that the Grand Prix model is probably what I'm ideally after. But I'm not sure I can get hold of them in the right size. I can probably get hold of some Classics, though. Would they be too thick for the Raptor boots, though?

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Volume differences in the various ZipFit models occur in the cuff and ankle area NOT in the forefoot.  The forefoot in ZipFit liners is quite thin (just 2 layers of neoprene).  I really don't think a ZipFit is what you're looking for as a match to your current shell and foot (if your foot is truly very narrow).  You should either consider getting foamed or going with a higher volume Intuition liner.  A nice match for you would be the Sidas Conform'able version of the Intuition liners.  Since you're in the UK you should be able to find them more easily than we can in the U.S.

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Actually, I've not seen the Conform'able liners here at all, and Intuition liners are rare as well, unfortunately. There are two places I know of here which have a very good reputation for this kind of stuff, but they're a few hours drive from me here and I just don't think I'll get the time to go there before my next ski trip (3 weeks time). I kind of settled on the ZipFit option as being probably the best from a DIY point of view - there doesn't seem to be a lot to go wrong (or at least, not irreparably so) with the fitting process, although if there is anything that can go wrong, I'll be the person to find it out.


What makes you say that the ZipFits won't match my current shell and foot?

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I have the world Cup Zipfit in a 98 last  Tecnia 110 race boot . It is just right, I also have a skinny foot and a narrow healI also am downsized one full shoe size. If you are not downsized the Grand prix would be right If you are then maybe World cup. The Zipfit is a great way to go, Great heal hold , snug fit with out buckling to tight and warmer than a stock liner. Follow the fitting instruction and have fun skiing all day warm , snug and improved performance.

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Once again - there is no difference in the volume of the forefoot between ZipFit models, it's only different in the cuff and ankle..  If you do not have an extremely close shell fit in the forefoot, you will be swimming in the shell with a ZipFit liner. 


ZipFits are the best liners I've ever used, but having a good ski boot fit is finding the perfect marriage of your foot/leg, the shell, the footbed, and the liner.

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