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Volkl Katana in 186, 2nd ski recs?

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about me: 125-130# 5'6" female expert skier.  I don't jump off cliffs but other than that ski everything on the mountain, usually groomers only at the end of the day to get to the car. 

years of experience: 30

ski days per year: ~30 split downhill and tele

ski: Rocky Mtns, Bridger, Big Sky, Moonlight, occasional Utah or Colorado trip.  Love to ski fast, but not an ex-racer.

current ski: '12 Volkl Katana 186.  Love this ski in powder, crud, bumps, trees groomed hardpack.  It's a bit much for icy days but still handles that well. 


Previous skis: 01 Volkl Vertigo G31 in 188 prior to that fairly stiff, fast skis - rossi and blizzard


skis I demo'd last year before buying this and my impression (from a year ago so a little vague):

Rossi experience 98 in a 163? way too short (slow), but stable, fun in bumps, pretty quick turns. Basically the demo shop didn't believe me that I wanted a longer/wider ski so this was the shortest of the day.

Nordica Enforcer in 170 something. = ok but boring, handled everything but didn't have any pop

Nordica Nemesis in 170 something = too soft

Atomic Blog in 170 something = I didn't like this ski at all, can't remember why

Rossi S7 170 something = a limp noodle

Women's Rossi S7 = my least favorite of the day something beyond a limp noodle could not get these off fast enough. 

Volkl Gotama in 170s = boring/flat

Volkl Katana in 177 =stiffest ski of the day, a little bit of chatter when going fast but stable. Found a top end so ordered the Katana in a 186.


Skis I thought about but didn't get a chance to demo the Blizzard Cochise and Dynastar Pro Legend.


Looking for: a traditional camber under foot with early tip rise and a narrower waist for my second ski.  Something I can pull out on ice bump days and still take into crud.  


Have read through the reviews and see a lot of praise for Kastle.  How do they compare? Other thoughts? Also considering the Volkl Mantra, have acquired an older soft pair that I haven't skied yet that I'm thinking about turning into tele skis. Looking for something that will last for several years.



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Try out the K2 Sideshow. I really liked that ski, and have similar opinions about the S7 and Katana. Consider the Kendo also, but it's early rise isn't as well executed for crud. Kastles are good, but I'm not sure if you'd like their softer tips. If you liked the Rossignol Experience 98, then consider the 88 for your second ski. Also try the Blizzard Magnum 8.5ti - I found it very similar to the Rossignol Experience.


And finally, what I think you'd really like: Moment Eldo or Tahoe. They were a bit soft for me as a hard charging 165lbs, so they'd probably be perfect for you. Lots of pop, yet still stable - a really fun playful ski that can handle a lot of speed. Moment makes great skis, and they're near indestructable, so they'd be great for low-tide Montana sharks.

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Thanks! I think the Blizzard 8.5 Ti may top my list right now.  It seems to fit a lot of what I'm looking for and what I miss about my old skis on days when the Katanas are just not right for the conditions.   The Moment Eldo sounds great for what I'm looking for too but harder for me to find/try.  I also like the sounds of the K2 Sideshow but they may go on my short list of new tele ski wants.  I may just have to keep the used Mantras as rock skis, still have yet to get them out on the snow.  Now just need to demo / watch the end of season sales! 

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If you're looking something to compliment your Katanas, you might consider getting on something like the Atomic Crimson. It will be good for those days when it hasnt snowed in a while, but will still performed well for those lesser pow days. Rockered tips, camber underfoot, flat tail & med-stiff flex.

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