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I was thinking of building my first real quiver.

I currently don't own any skis, and originally was planning on buying one pair this year and a second next year to supplement the first (yes I have good boots). 

After some demoing I found two skis to my liking, Blizzards most excellent Bushwacker and whitedots versatile powder hound, the Preacher (both would be mounted with Kneebindings- I saw my father wreck his ACL in a very visual crash and have never been totally comfortable in 2D rental bindings since).


I was intending to pick up the Bushwacker first seeing as it would be the daily driver of the two (and I don't fancy being stuck on a 112mm ski in icy EU conditions), and given that it ain't changing for next season I was hoping to snap a pair up in the late-season sale. Then a little birdie mumbles something about a fully-metal-backed Bushwacker in the works. I have been lucky enough to dodge crusty crud so far on my demos but given that the Bushwacker would be my go-to ski in this quiver, I wonder if I should wait for the Brahma, especially since I am a heavy set fellow at 105kg (not unfit though, and a strongish 7-8 skier).


Only, that would mean another year on rental skis (and bindings!) unless I grabbed some Preachers (which also aren't changing for next season), but ideally I would like the Preachers when I have some more off piste experience and generally while they carve exceptionally for a fat ski, they just don't compare in more variable conditions to the Blizzards. Perhaps more importantly, the Bushwackers struck me as the ideal learning and progression tool for my current level, while the Preacher, though good fun in slush, soft crud and powder, was difficult for me to enjoy in harder conditions.


I am 173-5cm in the mornings, 105kg, reasonably fit and an upper-intermediate 7-8 skier.

Like I said, the Bushwackers seemed ideal at my level BUT I am worried I will out-ski them with my size and preference for arcing GSish turns.

Not really a park guy, interested in bumps but no real good at em.