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Snow: groomed, bumps, crud
Days: about 3 runs per ski
Years: 28
Avg Days: 170
My Ability: good
Me: 5'7" 170 lbs

Lets start with the C11.16 (I think), and C9.18 carve skis. Atomic's carve skis carve really well. Duh! No suprises there. However, real bumps are quite challenging on them, especially the C11.16 in rut line moguls. Hang on! However, the 11.20, and 10.20 Rides do everything well. They carve, they bump, the go anywhere on any snow. Of course, every company has 107-70-97ish skis that can do it all. I guess if you are really into carving the groomed, the C skis are great. If you want to do that and everything else, hard to go wrong with a Ride. I skied these in a 170, except the C9.18, where I used the 160.

I also took out the 165 Sugar Daddy, and found 8" or so of fresh. I was not surprised at how well it skied the untracked (it was sweet), but I was impressed by how it handled in some large round bumps, with pow on them. OK, it is not as versatile as the REX (same as 10EX), but hey it's a quiver ski. oh yea, be prepard to take up some real estate on the groomed with these. Ski it as short as you want, its huge, but not as huge as the Big Daddy, which I did not bother to try (me on the Big Daddy? who's kidding who?).

By the way, all the Atomics felt really heavy carring them. Maybe it was the demo bingings on the plates, whatever they were not light. I know the unmounted skis in the shop are guite light (esp 9.22 & 10EX), but these demos weighed a ton.