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Katanas Discontinued?

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I ve seen lots of ski tests this year on different Volkl skis but no comments on the Katana,by the way,a great ski (except on ice...)
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Google is your friend, just do a search on Volkl Katana 2013.
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2013 katana is this season's ski, it's in the line for next year also along with a new model that is the 'Katana Shape' but of made from carbon called the V Werks Katana.


... so Google 2014 Volkl Katana if you want to see it.

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Video here:

It's made the Volkl whore in me very, very happy. Shame I won't be able to afford it. 


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Thank you all.Interesting information.Ski hardware is changing so fast...We must learn to control the anxiety that this market is generating.
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There will be two Katana's in 2013-14: a V-Werks Katana and a regular Katana. Both have the same sidecut 143-112-132.
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