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1. Where? PNW, Primarily Oregon and North Idaho.


2. Terrain? Trees, bumps, bowls, steep chutes, open pow, groomers, the occasional kicker (park low in importance). 


3. Days per year? Twice a week, all season. ~20-30.


4. Level? Advanced. 


5. Height/Weight? 6'0 205.


I'm looking for a more flexible/fun ski that I can ride nearly every day. I currently have one ski (Volkl AC50) that I've been destroying for the past couple of seasons and use primarily as a charging carver mostly on-piste. 


The Armada JJ looks like my best bet, but the 185 length may be too short for my weight and power. I'm just worried that if I do go up to the stiffer and wider 195 AKJJ, I'll lose the pop and maneuverability. 


Appreciate all input here, I don't have an unlimited income so I'd like whatever ski I buy to be well worth it and last me at least a couple seasons.