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Black. Ski pants should be black. Same goes for cycling shorts/tights. They always look clean(ish).

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omg, when will this end?

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Oh, bollocks to that!  There are entirely too many black pants on the slopes.  Most resorts look like a Wiggles convention.  Bring back the flouro, I say.



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Light gray pants pictured above would be great except i think they will show dirt quickly, and that's irritating.  imho.  Dark red would pick up the boldness of the zippers, not show dirt, and not be too showy while still mixing it up a bit, which is i think what the OP's objective is.  Nice jacket!  smile.gif


The light red shades:

The light red color tones include the popular pink, magenta, fuchsia, and rose. All those light colors are more common in the female fashion world and in the make-up industry.  One of the most well known celebrities wearing pink neckties is no other than Donald Trump.

Bright Red Colors:

The bright red colors include the shades of red, orange-red, fire engine red, and scarlet. Bright red ties make quite a bold statement and match best with a dark gray or even black suit. Bright red is also a popular color for skinny neckties, that often are worn with a solid black dress shirt.

Dark red and burgundy:

Maroon and burgundy are classic red colors for neckties. They are colorful, but yet conservative to be worn as a classic business tie. Neckties in a dark burgundy red are popular choices among politicians and TV hosts.

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I'd go for charcoal grey.  Won't be black but is still conservative and contrasts with the black jacket but matches the grey in the jacket.



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Originally Posted by guroo270 View Post



There's some valuable information in there.  I'd get some bright red pants, though.


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Originally Posted by Living Proof View Post


Hey! Just sayin, but,  I have a pair of white ski pants. Wear them with bright color shells, but, black would work.

Ground Crater pant. But I'd match the zips, yellow/green.


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Given that you spent about $500, I'd go gray. If you'd spent around 400, red.


Of you'd spent roughly $600, then these:

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The acid greenish/yellow are a bit much, but it's on the right track.


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OK, these responses are all just jokes now...


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Red with black zippers would be the most fashionable.  Black/gray and combinations of those colors also-red zippers a plus.  Blue would be the worst for that jacket with Khaki a close second.


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Originally Posted by ryder553 View Post

OK, these responses are all just jokes now...



Not at all.  


We're /desperately/ trying to save you from looking like you stole a toy soldier costume from the set of the Nutcracker, which is /exactly/ what a light grey or red pant would do with that coat.    All you'd be lacking is the grenadier crossbelts - but put a backpack on and they'd induct you directly into one of the Prussian or Baltic regiments. 


The waiting list for bicentennial  Waterloo re-enactors is full, and has been for 20 years now. 

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LOL, funny thread, another blind leading the blind suggestion (we need Trekchick to weigh-in):




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I love plaid... seriously... I would buy those pants for myself....  my vote is for them.

I own a black pair of ski pants.... BORING..... but I had forgotten my rocking grey and white plaid pants at home... It was lodge bunny or  purchasing your basic black ski pants.  Super comfy but that is completely besides the point.   


But... my honey has a pair of Markers that he looks simply amazing in.  Grey is very neutral.  I believe it also comes in black, white and grey plaid.  Almost bought the plaid version for myself.


But since not many are plaid aficionados I recommend these grey pants.  They go fantastic with all kinds of colours and they do not get as dirty as you think.  What the heck are you skiing in to get them dirty?  You are supposed to be staying away from the muddy parts!! 




I looked around at some pics and the Marker Peak Insulated pant looked like what he wears.  So nice of Google Image to supply a view I recognize....






And to look at the entire pant, you can go here.... http://www.proboardshop.com/ma4pki02gr12zz-marker-ski-pants.html

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Originally Posted by ryder553 View Post

OK, these responses are all just jokes now...



That's impossible.  There are only 2 or 3 people on here that make jokes.

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Both are lighter colored in person.



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Given that you don't want black, the red plaid looks like a winner to me. Or, you could try one of these...







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I know I advised a dark red to the OP, but I can see your point about the Nutcracker Waterloo.  I'm changing my mind.  Dark gray then, because I imagine OP already has black.  Whoever said TC should provide input, also a good idee.

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Originally Posted by goblue View Post








Nice A framing.

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I just spent 10 minutes staring in to my closet packing for a trip.  Looking for 2 pairs of ski pants to go with black and green jacket and black/blue/silver jacket.  I went with black and ... black hahaha.  The main difference was the weight of the different pants.  One for warmer and one for colder.  I had grey and blue options but just went with the standard black on black.


I guess I'd like to have something dark red and something in a green available though. 


I do have some suspenders that would work well with that jacket..



Mine are 4 way though.. Just going with black for this weekend though. 

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