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First set of skis

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I just got into skiing this year, and am considering buying my first pair of skis. I've been poking around online for the past few nights(that's how I ended up here)

I saw quite a few sites mention Rossignol skis, and I was looking at either the Experience 74 or 76's in 176cm and also Head Shape 03 Sp's.

I am not a small guy, 6'2 240lb. Would these skis be a good start for me?

Also, i have a big foot, size 15, and was wondering if this will pose any issues? All the rental equipment I've used was set up, so I haven't seen any issues yet.


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I would start with getting a ski boot properly fitted since that is the most important part of your gear equation for comfort and performance.

One issue can be your size 15 foot. If you are truly that length, the boot sole length could be past the limits of some of the integrated ski binding heel and toe adjustments. You may have to purchase a flat pair of skis with traditionally mount bindings.

A good shop will be able to help you out.

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What Denny said. Boots are way more important than skis. Go to the "Ask the Boot Guys" forum and read the wikis about fitting and terminology, then check the "Who's Who" to find the boot fitter nearest you, and these is at least one. Make an appointment and get properly fitting boots. And trust the fitter.
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Kyle: Welcome to EpicSki!  If you haven't already found them, there is good info about buying gear for the first time under Articles on the menu bar.


Might find some ideas in this thread.  Found it doing a Google search on "boot fitter nj: epicski".


Have fun shopping!

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