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Volkl Supersport '03

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Snow: groomed, crud, bumps
Used: about 3 runs
My Ability: good
Years: 28
Avg Days: 170

The P50 Supersport is the big new ski at Volkl for next year. It comes in a Five Star (red), and Four Star (blue) version. I skied the Five first, and it was a serious high speed all mountain ripper. They only had 167s, and that seemed to be all anybody needed. I could find no speed limit, this thing just ate up the hill in big vicious carves. Bumps? Not forgiving, but tons of performance if you can stay centered. The Four Star had a similar feel, but has a bit more shape, and less width. The 167 was a bit long for me, as it felt like the Five, but the bigger guys found it to be much quicker. Great skis for expert skiers that can really carve everywhere, off piste or on.
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Considering my earlier post about really enjoying the Viper S, planning to try the Mach S, and also wanting to demo the Volkl Vertigo and Carver Motion, how will this ski, particularly the Four Star, compare?

I'm basically trying to decide on snapping up an end-of-season deal after I finish my demos or holding out for next years stuff.
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The Four Star is quite a bit more ski than the rest of the stuff you are considering.
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I've heard others here use similar terminology, but I'm not quite sure what you mean by "more ski" than the others.

Can I be so bold as to ask for a deeper description of what you mean?

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