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WTB skis all mountain 177-ish for teenage boy in CO

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So, my son's best buddy has had to give up hockey this season. Too many concussions and a bout with mono have made his doctor nix competitive hockey for his safety. 


He's been skiing instead and is ready to buy some skis. As a hockey player, obviously he is ramping up fast (used to ski but at age 8 had to quit for hockey). Caveat: I have not skied with him yet, but he is a fantastic athlete, and as he is a skater I am confident he has (or soon will have) darn good technique. Before he buys we are going to do a demo up at the mountain so he can figure out what he likes and doesn't, but I'm pretty sure we'll be looking at something between 175-180, 90-100 underfoot, and appropriately "sick" for  a high school senior. Budget ... lower is better. He has a job, will be paying himself, so I want to keep it used, or at least pretty cheap.


He is in rental boots now, too -- he understands a skate fit, so we will work on that here in person. He is 6'1", 160, wiry athlete. If you have a narrow 26 lying around, though, let me know.

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for sale used 2 times 

2013 blizzard 8.5





Whatever the conditions and wherever you may go, thanks to the Flip Core 3D technology the Magnum 8.5 Ti Suspension feels at home on all kinds of terrain. Its robust rocker construction (titanium layer) makes this amazingly versatile ski ideal for skiers who like to explore tracked slopes off-piste.



 174  cm


125 / 85 / 111 mm - Radius 19,0 m (174 cm)


Sandwich Sidewall Titanium - Woodcore, Titanium


Suspension, Flip Core 3D, Spaceframe 3D, Sidewall


Tip & Tail Rocker


The Blizzard answer to all the rocker buzz is the new Flip Core 3D technology. The idea: the wood core of the ski is inserted upside-down, so that the downward-facing, convex side of the core creates a natural bend. This natural rocker-shape is already built into the construction of the ski, not needing any additional re-pressing. A revolutionary construction-technique, which is equally as individual as the target groups it speaks to.


The flipped 3D woodcore technology combined with the natural 3D mould construction brings up an absolutly natural Rocker Geometry without any disturbing and negative bending during the molding process. 

This allows the rocker construction to reach a previously unknown level of stability and smoothness!

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I have a pair of 2011 fischer watea 101's for sale. There're 192s, so longer than what you're looking for, but I'm about the same size and weight and they ski very easily for their length especially with the early rise, and would be an awesome colorado ski (good in bumps for their width). They're in good condition, I've skied on them for around thirty days. No core shots, but some scrapes in the base and a little top sheet chipping. I'm looking for $275 + shipping for the skis and the Fischer x13 demo bindings on them (I'd prefer to sell the skis and bindings together).


Its not exactly what you are looking for but if you're interested I can send you pictures and more information.



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Thanks for the posts and PMs ... first I am going to check out some gear that is local, and then if that doesn't work out, I'll get back to you. 

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